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Hello! This is a server about TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) where you can talk about any Tmnt incarnation that you want, send memes, fanart, and even roleplay! Hope you would join and enjoy the server! We welcome everybody.
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A server to befriend people who share your interest in tmnt also, please don't join if you're under thirteen years of age.
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BOOYAKASHA! Welcome fellow mutants and humans to *another* TMNT Roleplay server. We are recently established, but we have hard working staff and an active community. The current roleplay is based on the 2012 series, but there are plans to expand into the Multiverse! We have many canon characters available. Bring in your OCs, be part of a Clan, and have fun! Drop in for a pizza slice and say hello! COWABUNGA!