Welcome to the Voltage-MC network, a network of Minecraft servers (Bedrock Edition). Join play.Voltage-MC.net (port 19132) with your friends to play our Mini-Games. Organize a party with /party (vote required or rank) and let all your friends join in the same game and play the same games across the network with you. Do you want more benefits? Buy a rank on store.Voltage-MC.net . For more information, visit Voltage-MC.net . Do you think we're a good waiter? Vote now on vote.Voltage-MC.net if you become the best voter of the month, you could win a FREE rank! We are always looking to improve the network if you have any suggestions, feel free to send them to our Discord server #suggestions via discord.Voltage-MC.net. Have a good time!
We're a server focused on Otome (Dating Sim) Games such as Mystic Messenger, The Arcana, Ikemen Sengoku, and even titles like Hatoful Boyfriend! We have a friendly server with attentive mods. Will you get the good ending?