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A vibrant, active community for Call of War fans.
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Hello and welcome to **STALINGRAD 1942**! This server is dedicated to fans of history, reenactment, and gaming. We mainly focus on the eastern front in here, but other fronts/theatres of war are welcome as well, as long as it is World War II.
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WarThunder squadron looking for new members.
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The Forgotten A French Based WW2 Server,Tensions are buliding up as Germany attacks czechslovakia,and soon enough poland. The Forgotten is mostly french based,but you can be other factions such as Polish Resistance,French Resistance,Americans,British,Etc. The RP usually starts off in random timelines,as this server has no specfic timeline setted up. We'll slowly uncover each and every story of every armies,one by one.
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Note: there is no official server, the server on this website which claims to e is not, and neither is this one. however, it is run in part by Call of War staff and we have asked if it could be made official, so far we have had no response. This server is an international community for the game Call of War, which has many players, including Call of War staff members, YoTubers, and very experienced players, which is highly supportive and a great place to interact with other players.
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A server that tries to eliminate everything annoying about the HOI community.