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Dans ce serveur, vous pouvez retrouvez principalement des joueurs Paladins/Dofus/League Of Legends. Dans une bonne entente, nous essayons de sympathiser et de rendre une discussion fluide pour tous les membres du serveur. C'est avec des règles, des udaptes et des rôles spécifiques que nous rendons notre serveur attrayant :) Retrouvez nous directement sur celui-ci ;)
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Servidor focado em animes, temos vaga na Staf, Sorteios, cargos por LV!!!
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**ZeroTwo cult** Do you wish to follow the one and true goddess that is Zero Two? Well you've come to the right place! Join our Zero Two cult where we praise our goddess as she gives us blessings and eternal happiness in the anime heaven! May you be blessed with thicc anime thighs! ❤We offer: ❤ 50 Zero Two emojis ❤ 10+ bots to have fun with ❤ Non toxic community ❤ 5 different NSFW channels ❤ Self-assignable roles
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Helllooo! This server is just a place to make friends who may have the same interests as you uwu There’s a specific channel where u can talk about games, a specific channel where u can talk about your favourite anime/ a channel for weebss and a rant channel where u can rant about any problems, u can also pm the owners if u’re not comfortable talking about it in a public place. However, there’s also a main chatroom where u can talk about anything! we’re looking for active members. hope u consider joining! Have a nice week uwu
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Our server just wants more friends and we have plenty to do! So thanks for choosing us, and have a great time!
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A community where no one will judge you, and allows you to advertise your server for free! So come and join us!