Finalized majority of server beautification including emotes added to roles along with channels.

Hidden text and voice channels applied only to specified roles to reduce channel clutter.

Entrance & verify channel removed from view of members.

Entrance channel removed from view of non-staff.

Verify channel and rule channel with code for entry included to view of everyone, removed non role entrants from viewing server without entering verify code.

Finalized emotes to near current maximum (297/300)

-------------------To Do-------------------

•Finalize beautification of auto roles

•Finalize tournament rules/conditions/dates

•Add Advertiser Role and staff to fill role

•Add tiered staff roles Below Admin & Mod for minor server updates and help.

•Boost server from tier 2 to tier 3

•Find sponsors for giveaways(I.e. Nitro, Nintendo Gift Cards, Contests)

•Add Bots for boosting server activity/incentive for activity.