Welcome to Sinisteria RP, a unique RedM roleplay server that immerses you in a captivating supernatural world. Play as a vampire, werewolf, witch, or occult hunter (humans welcome too!). Discover your purpose, enjoy thrilling adventures, and explore endless possibilities. We're expanding our community and hiring for various roles, including opportunities for starting your own supernatural business. Join Sinisteria RP, where the extraordinary meets the extraordinary!

What Sinisteria offers to contribute to role play:

Custom Jobs (More to come): Witch Doctor Spell Caster Occult Hunter Consulting Exorcist Photographer Art museum owner Restaurant Owner

Available Supernatural Species (will accept ideas for more): Vampire Werewolf Witch Doppelgänger

A few creative additions: Functional blood for vampires (Drinkable Human Blood, Vampire blood vials that heal you, Special vampire blood that revives you). NPCs that occasionally drop their blood and their soul after death. Special weapons and ammo for Occult hunters (Wooden and Silver bullets and more). Editable info cards for Consulting Exorcists to provide purchasable information to hunters which aid in their investigations. Daylight and Moonlight rings that protect the vampires from burning in the sun and werewolves from morphing on full moons. A book of spells for witches to perform that provide supernatural products (Craftable souls, soul binding spells and more to come.) Coin system for occult hunters that allows them to hunt and kill vampires and werewolves and earn cash per kill.

General perks: Hiring for any and all positions (Doctors, law, gunsmiths, etc.) Over 100+ purchasable properties. Pinned sight seeing and other romantic activities for couples! Gorgeous SireVLC horses. Helpful, useful, timely and fair admin.