Skeppy Fan Club

Welcome to a server about Skeppy!
We also talk about BBH.

Feel free to join and chat in this... dead server.

About Server

Welcome to a server about Skeppy!
We also talk about BBH.

Feel free to join and chat in this... dead server.

Sorry, we tried hitting it with a wrench, but couldn't get an invite out of it. Try back later or check out these other great servers you might love ❤️

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New Commands


New commands: ?skeppyinfos - Skeppy info page 1 ?skeppyinfo2 - Skeppy info page 2 ?skeppyinfo3 - Skeppy info page 3 //undo - Result in "slash slash undo" lets get a f - Result in "f" skeppy - Result in "skeppy emoji reaction"

Plans: Skeppy Bot - Custom skeppy bot for skeppy related stuff

New Staff!

GummyBoi YT is are new staff on the team!

Stats: Timezone: EDT Time Online: Around -6:00am to 9:00pm+ CDT Verified: Yes Blocked User: Raid (JustAnotherBackslashGamerAlt -ME-) Rank: Admin Staff on other servers: ??? (3 that I know) Active: Yes

Update 1.01

  • Added Bots

  • I am now owner :D

  • Mostly full management

The server might get some new things so join the server to stay updated. Also, my DMs are closed, please make a ticket if you need support. The main owner is on at around 3-4 am CDT. I am online around 5 - 8 pm CDT Weekdays and 10 am - 8 pm on Weekend. There are other staff were times are unknown. Please keep in mind that this server is NOT owned by me. I only created the link.

  • Backslash Gamer