1. Collection reveal in mid of January 2022.
  2. Free mint for Twitter blue badge holders.
  3. Mint on the 23rd of February 2022,1000 Tanks with unique attributes.
  4. Marketplaces (ME and other marketplaces).
  5. Rarity chart after mint. 6.SolTanks Music video clip release.
  6. Official marketing campaign (Influencers, telegram channels, social media).
  7. Influencer integration (NFT lovers).
  8. Collaboration with other NFT projects.
  9. Weekly discord voice discussion.
  10. Game development stage SolanaBattleNFT Q2 2022. 12.30% Royalties to SolTanks holders.
  11. DAO configuration.
  12. Website update to V2. 15.SolTanks tokens to be Airdropped to holders.
  13. FREE 3D merchandise to SolTanks holders (Can be redeemed with Soltank tokens) 17.SolTanks office live streaming