What makes us stand out from other streamer Discords?

  • 50% of our shout outs are automatic.
  • We don't manually cherry pick shout outs.
  • We don't make you pay for shout outs!

We have 2 leveling systems that are automated. One is a standard leveling system for basic Discord usage and the other is linked for automated shout outs. Simply use the Discord to gain levels to unlock server permissions and use our shout out section when going live and get shout outs linked to your streamer levels. When you reach streamer level 2 your shout outs will be shared with other discord servers and on our Twitter (X) page!

We purge the Discord from time to time to un-verfiy inactive accounts and we do heavy moderation on suspicious accounts. We try our hardest to keep our community safe as streamers are targeted for scams.

See you there!