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The world's first unique amulet NFTs project, the amulet is cast into NFT, which means safety and security. The rich Chinese talisman culture, clear development route and whitelist rules are deeply loved by everyone.

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The world's first unique amulet NFTs project, the amulet is cast into NFT, which means safety and security. The rich Chinese talisman culture, clear development route and whitelist rules are deeply loved by everyone.

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Date 4.30-5.7 Lottery Rules, Results on 5.9

Date 4.30-5.7 Lottery Rules, Results on 5.9


  • Topic: Take Talin on a Trip
  • How to participate: Hold 2 Talins, or write a story about Talin's trip and share it on Twitter/TikTok/Instagram, etc.
  • Post a photo of a trip with Talin on Twitter/TikTok/Instagram and TAG the official account

Lottery Eligibility (only one of the following should be accomplished)

  1. Discord invites: 10+
  2. Likes on Twitter/Instagram/TikTok : 200 or more
  3. Kakao/WeChat/Telegram invitations: 20 or more


Discord will be announcing the announcement, so please join Discord in advance for those who participated in the lottery, Discord: https://discord.gg/5gk9yaQmyH


One Talin Ligature Collection, 7.27% Rarity

3 times overtaking mode activated: 0426~0516

Community contribution is accelerated, everyone get ETH and NFTs together and get on the bus! ! !

OG, whitelist, community contributors at all levels will open high-speed cars for a limited time, and drift and overtake at 3x speed! Tofu only eats Talin, the threshold is low, and the speed is fast! ! !

From April 26th to May 16th, the experience is tripled to help you green light all the way.

Detailed rules: Level 4 Community Contributor: The invitee reaches 1, and the community level of the inviter and the invitee reaches level 15 Level 3 community contributors: The number of invitees reaches 3, the community level of the inviter reaches 20, and the community level of the invitee reaches 15. Level 2 community contributors: The number of invitees reaches 6, the inviter community level reaches 23, and the invitee community level reaches 18. Level 1 community contributors: 10 invitees, 25 inviters, and 20 invitees. Whitelist: The number of invitees reaches 15, the community level of the inviter reaches 27, and the community level of the invitee reaches 20. Core community contributors: The number of invitees reaches 20, the community level of the inviter reaches 30, and the community level of the invitee reaches 20.

Reward Details: All community contributors and whitelists can get Talin airdrop ether, where whitelists can mint a ligature Talin for free; core community contributors can mint a ligature Talin + rune Talin for free. If there is still balance in the whitelist after May 16, community members can continue to whitelist and get free Mint Talin ligatures. The rarity of ligation is 7.27%~~ There are more benefits waiting for you to unlock, hurry up~~~

PS: Robot brushing activities are prohibited, and the experience of the discoverer is cleared to 0! ! ! After May 17th, all rules will return to their original state~~

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