🎉 Road to 1k Members 🎉

It's been a WILD ride here are The Furry Assembly. Through thick and thin, we have survived waves of raids and gotten through the toughest of times. I am pleased to announce that we are finally getting back on track to what was the original intentions of the server when I created it on May 7th, 2020 - becoming a bigger safe space for furries & non-furs too, with a welcoming & non-toxic atmosphere! We're also doing a large amount of giveaways, from Xbox codes, to art contests and raffles, to even a Nitro giveaway when we reach 1000! I am so appreciative for everyone who has stuck with us to get to this point, even through all the bad that has happened! I cannot wait for us to to hit this amazing milestone, and I hope a few of you can be with us to witness it too! Have a lovely day everyone!

  • XOXO Flusky Owner of The Furry Assembly