The Bloc is an infinite tower, expanding both up and down without end through medium unknown. Its denizens are many, most of them nameless in the crowd of sighing workers. The Bloc is governed by an oligarchy closely resembling Communism, closely monitoring and controlling its citizens under the humble title of "Maintenance."

Maintenance holds control of the upper levels, restricting access to only its highest ranking officials. Their control reaches from their lofty headquarters all the way down to the very last fringes of civilization below. Throughout the mid-levels the bulk of Bloc society can be found, prosperity and quality of life increasing as you go up, and decreasing as you go down. Eventually there is the Underbloc, the last fragment of civilization before the endless depths below. The Underbloc is a slum, rife with crime and disease, as Maintenance begins to dwindle in presence.

Citizens are advised not to explore the very highest or very lowest levels, as things yet to be explained lurk both above and beneath.

Remember - any mention of "the outside" or "trees" or anything that is beyond the humble Bloc is strictly forbidden, both in-game and out.

Among babbling cultists, cold-gazing Maintenance officers, shiesty Divers and hungry hobos - where will you fit and how will you survive?