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In the future, or maybe the past, there was a war. A horrible war that was predicted to end all life. Bomb shelters and preservation projects went underway. Almost everything moved underground to prepare against the inevitable nuclear detonation from both sides. 70% of the world population was wiped out, but the world rebuilt itself below ground with one global government lead by representatives from each underground dome. Now, there is a Sanctuary for those who live in the shadows. Hackers, theives, and conartists alike. The only rule in the sanctuary is everyone is treated with the same respect as everyone else.
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Nuclear summer, open ocean OC chat. Paragraph RP only, 16+.
Writing | Role-Playing
| ———【 deprivation. 】——— | literate to semi-literate roleplay. active staff. post apocalyptic genre. human rp. 18+ (language, gore, and explicit themes)
Role-Playing | Writing
A post apocalyptic science fiction military roleplay that is set in a distant future where Earth is nothing butna desolate wasteland after a destructice war against the Harvesters. Humanity now lives in gigantic walled cities and attempts to reconquer the lands beyond, to rebuild mankind and return to its former glory. WHAT TO EXPECT? • A custom lore without any ties to existing franchises/series. It's an original world with new lore. This allows users to discover new information within the server itself and through various lore entries scattered in multiple channels. Don't worry, we have the basics for newcomers. • A persistent, ever-changing world. This is a world that keeps on expanding, changing and new bits of lore shall be revealed either through roleplaying or participating in missions as well as being aware of what is posted in the New World News 'broadcast' that will notify players of the current changes to the world.
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★ This server is based around a zombie apocalypse and as such contains untagged written descriptions of blood, violence, and death. ★ ★ [ ━━━━━━━━━ ] ★ Pokémon ★ Persist is a canon-based, 14+ roleplay server taking place in Unova two years after a zombie outbreak! Trainers from around the globe were present at the Pokémon World Tournament when the outbreak occurred and many quickly took refuge in different 'havens' around the region, trying to survive if this new world. Even though the RP takes place in Unova, characters from any region are able to be mused! ★ LGBTQ friendly! ★ Canon characters only! ★ Detailed lore! ★ Literate RP! ★ Tupperbox based!