Variance Roleplay is an adventurous roleplay taking place in a post-apocalyptic world during a reconstruction era. It has a heavy emphasis on characters but allows you to change the world around you through your character and submissions of locations, monsters, and factions.
Server for the Post-Apocalypse RPG "Maximum Apocalypse RPG" aka MARPG, that covers ALL the conceivable apocalypses in one semi-gonzo, mid-crunchy d100 system of pulp fun. WARNING: Includes Aliens, Bandits, Kaiju, Killer Robots, Mutants, Supernatural Horrors, and Zombies.
SCUM FULL LOOT Scum Server 50 player slots / 50 jogadores online No lag server / Servidor sem lag PVP and PVE Gameplay (mad zombies) Cheaters Free Server
A small but fun roleplay server when you can play as a human, demon, angel, or any hybrid! Please join, the more people the better it gets!
We're the Emerald Vendetta, a Fallout 76 faction housing players of all platforms.
Apocalypse, join and you’ll get it lol
Newly-created post-apocalyptic roleplaying server! 1950s-era tech, allows every ideology, has helpful moderators and the CHOICE TO INFLUENCE LORE-MAKING! War, war never changes.
A new server that welcomes all sort of levels! The main point of it is this, america is now a dystopian world, with giant forests and mutant animals. You have to survive in your colony with your fellow citizens, and see how long you can survive!
A Roleplay server set after the events of a nuclear apocalypse. Request the place and I'll make it. Set in different parts of the world (All categorised by their country, though mainly East Coast, USA)
So, 2053... 3 years after the 'Automaton War', Earth is still a goddamn mess. See, this war wasn't a usual one, no, this one had highly advanced robots and cyborgs in it. It involved Russia and America + Europe as the main countries, the 'Cyborg' rights activists in Russia going too far, and Russians proposing this was because of the Western Propaganda and the larger pool of robots coming from America and Europe. So the Automaton War broke out.. 👏👏👏 Why 'ello there! Mr. Wallmart here with a brand spanking new server to invite ya to! Here's what we have to offer: An LGBTQ+ friendly community. Unique infected types. A unique sci-fi/apocalyptic lore. Two theories why the apocalypse actually began, choose which one to believe. A load of roleplay channels, most that're in the real world! This isn't your casual new york apocalypse, no, this is set in Alaska! Clear rules. And a non discriminatory community! --Hope to see you here!
Role playing server based on the Matrix franchise.
Dans un monde fantastique et post-apocalyptique après une séries de catastrophe naturelle, chaque coins du monde fut détruits . Trois clan de "survivant" ce sont alors formée afin de s'entraidée : vos but serait : améliorer votre clan former un nouveau clan (avec des amis par exemple) améliorer votre qualité de vie reconstruire un monde plus idéale Dans tout les cas faites avancé le monde après l'apocalypse
Welcome to the apocalypse, what side will you join or will you fall to the Xmp virus and endanger humanity once more?
We are a Walking Dead TV Adaptation server that prides ourselves on realism while also being fun and immersive. We offer a variety of things to keep you entertained: An open world, PVP, Events, Factions, Detailed Lore, and a Literate Rhetoric! Come join us, don't delay, the walkers are coming!
The Swarm is a post-apocalyptic roleplay server set in the year 2723, 700 years after the spread of the disease. This server focuses on the survival of factions in North and South America, having locations such as: -Alaska + Cities/wilds -Yellowstone National Park/Cheyenne -Mexica + Cities/wilds -Custom, fantasy locations -California cities/rural locations -Las Vegas -New York/New York City Roleplay features: -Custom weapons -Shop mechanics -Factions and affiliations -Taming, claiming and mutating custom swarmers -Custom gambling games to be used in casino channels -Large storyline with occasional events and giveaways of special items/weapons for in roleplay -Explicit, detailed roleplay of combat, intense situations, vast story or general roleplay of a high standard Note that there is a verification system upon joining. This is to prevent raids and to maintain a high standard of roleplay in the server.
Aussie Preppers is a community dedicated to offering advice and talking about prepper themes to help prepare people for a disaster or shit hits the fan event. We offer a range of advice from people of varying skills, all knowledgeable on different topics, helping to better prepare you for a disaster
Apocalypse roleplay A virus has/is killing everyone one but lucky for you, you are immune. Will you try to fix society or will you say "f*ck it" and go it alone? Anyone welcome