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DayZ server | PVE
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Hardcore Vanilla+ DayZ server
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Sejam todos muito bem vindos (as) ao NO PAIN NO GAIN BR, por favor respeitem as regras e bons jogos !!!
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A zombie roleplay server with a friendly community!
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This is the place to be if you feel like DayZ is just too much grinding and farming. We strive to give players a much more action packed experience with loads of nice loot.
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★ This server is based around a zombie apocalypse and as such contains untagged written descriptions of blood, violence, and death. ★ ★ [ ━━━━━━━━━ ] ★ Pokémon ★ Persist is a canon-based, 14+ roleplay server taking place in Unova two years after a zombie outbreak! Trainers from around the globe were present at the Pokémon World Tournament when the outbreak occurred and many quickly took refuge in different 'havens' around the region, trying to survive if this new world. Even though the RP takes place in Unova, characters from any region are able to be mused! ★ LGBTQ friendly! ★ Canon characters only! ★ Detailed lore! ★ Literate RP! ★ Tupperbox based!
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Welcome to Cascade otherwise known as "CDS". This group was founded on June of 2019 later on we accumulated quite a few members and decided to open our very own cascade official zombie escape server. Cascade can fill every single need that YOU have whether you are looking for a fun,friendly, or tryh
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Der größte Deutsche Call Of Duty: Cold War/Warzone PC, PS4, XBOX Discord Server. Warzone, cold, war, cold war, black ops, black, ops, ps5, mw, modern warfare, deutsch, deutsche, deutschland, germany, call of duty, cod, discord, wz, modern, warfare, german, community, pc, ps4, xbox, playstation, 4
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Wir sind der erste deutsche Zombie Apokalypse Roleplay Server. - INFOS FOLGEN - IM AUFGBAU
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Самое крупное сообщество SCUM в России! 🌟Самый первый сервер SCUM в России. 🙏Сотрудничество с разработчиками, получение самой последней информации о развитии игры. 🎮Сервер SCUM - IP (PvP) 💻Активная администрация, отсутствие читеров и багоюзеров. 👾Нет игроков с правами администратора, администраторы - строго администраторы. 📑Нет админских отрядов, нет админских баз, нет админских злоупотреблений 🔨Собственные разработки ✯ Уникальный контент Eng: No use cheats, No use bugs = BAN No players with admin rights, administrators - strictly administrators. No admin groups, no admin bases, no admin abuses
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CUR𝒾 Gaming is a gaming community which focusses on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Zombie Escape (ZE) at the moment. The CS:GO ZE community has been around for a long time and there are many different unique Zombie Escape servers out there that have interesting plugins, gameplay and experience its players love. However, we've realised that most players only play in servers that have been relevant and popular. So, our gaming community aims to expand and grow the Zombie Escape community and build a strong player base. Our players will then play in any existing Zombie Escape servers to help fill up their servers to keep servers running and growing! We first and foremost welcome new players who are interested in trying and learning CS:GO Zombie Escape. Furthermore, players from other games and communities are welcomed to support and be a part of our community too! Lets make the CS:GO Zombie Escape community a better place!
We offer the cheapest and most reliable modded XP lobbies for cold war. What can you get? -Multiplayer levels -Max weapon levels and camos -Calling card challenges -Weapon mastery Are we trusted? We have just started this server and already have 40 members of our community! You will NOT get banned doing this, we have tested it on multiple platforms and lobbies, and we have not had a single ban How to join? Just use this discord link: and pm Itachi Uchiha#7744 What are our prices? Basic 30min-5$ Basic 1hr-10$ Basic 2hr 18$ Basic 3hr-27$ Basic 24hr 160$ Basic tool 50$ (24hr) Big xp 30min -10$(coming soon) Big xp lobby 1hr-16$(coming soon) Big xp lobby 2hr-30$(coming soon) Big xp lobby 3 hr-40$ (coming soon) 3$+ friend You can also directly purchase the modded lobby tool for use of your own if please.
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Zombie Apocalypse Role-play Server. Maturity and respect is required in this server*
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Join the official [ZG] Zombie Gaming Discord Server! Talk with game community leaders along with community players throughout the world about all things zombie games and zombie entertainment.