Emerald Vendetta

We're the Emerald Vendetta, a Fallout 76 faction housing players of all platforms.

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We're the Emerald Vendetta, a Fallout 76 faction housing players of all platforms.

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So, 2053... 3 years after the 'Automaton War', Earth is still a goddamn mess. See, this war wasn't a usual one, no, this one had highly advanced robots and cyborgs in it. It involved Russia and America + Europe as the main countries, the 'Cyborg' rights activists in Russia going too far, and Russians proposing this was because of the Western Propaganda and the larger pool of robots coming from America and Europe. So the Automaton War broke out.. 👏👏👏 Why 'ello there! Mr. Wallmart here with a brand spanking new server to invite ya to! Here's what we have to offer: An LGBTQ+ friendly community. Unique infected types. A unique sci-fi/apocalyptic lore. Two theories why the apocalypse actually began, choose which one to believe. A load of roleplay channels, most that're in the real world! This isn't your casual new york apocalypse, no, this is set in Alaska! Clear rules. And a non discriminatory community! --Hope to see you here!