The Imperial League (IL) is an open world mid-fantasy roleplay. When I say "mid-fantasy" what I mean is all characters will be on fairly equal footing in regards to their abilities. No one here will be playing cosmic furry demon gods with the ability to bend time and control your mind. While magic and fantasy races are in existence, everything is still relatively grounded as far as most Discord fantasy roleplays go. The goal is to create a fantasy RP that doesn't quickly become a super hero RP or a power contest. There's no grand demon lord of an evil kingdom to defeat. Instead, the RP is a character driven space where players can interact in a world that is defined and orderly, yet remains flexible and malleable to the actions of those that are willing to work alongside a multitude of other players.
As the name goes, anything goes... A server for roleplaying and roleplayers--- whether by post-by-text, tabletop/dice, PC or console games discussion.
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A server for discussion of tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and others. Come chat with us about Critical Role, Dice, Love and the pursuit of happiness, Everyone is welcome!
The Wasteland is a dice-based role-playing game set in a Nuclear Wasteland 34 years into the future. We're only just starting out, so we apologize if things seem a bit barren at first. Nonetheless we try to stay as active as possible! We try to keep the server chill and welcoming for new players, and our staff is always willing to help if you need it. Come join in and write with us!
Spy Role-Playing Group! { 15+ | Action | Drama | Thriller | Mystery | Daily Life | Comedy } Our Group! > ------------------------------------------------- ~Role-Play involving art, writing and DnD elements! ~Enroll into the prestigious Kingsman Secret Intelligence Agency (based on the movies, yes). ~Join as a cadet and work your way though our training to become an agent! ~Includes over-arching group plot as well as majorly supported by user created stories! ~Take part in monthly prompts, events and a great, friendly community! A huge immersive world awaits for you to unlock it's secrets.. ~Dice bots.. we got em. :warning: NSFW channels.. we got em. :eyes: What else we got? Come check it out~ ~No mandatory assignments! Just activity checks :kissing_heart:
SONIC | SPEED BREAKER This RP is taking place on Earth, where Humans and Mobians live together without a single problem. Of course, things aren't only perfect, creating events around this. Create your OC and hope with us into this RP. We're searching for staff members. This server offers a fighting-system based over a rolling-system, active staff members, and a simple system of getting forms, etc. We can't wait to see you into our server!
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Come to RP in a magical island, be part of a war between pirates and the royalists.
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