1. I will replace #rank-request with just selecting the roles you pick instead of having either #roles and #rank-request , so it will be in one instead. We already have in-game name, and the roles you can easily identify by your own level aka. Dungeon Quest.

2. #rules will be converted into guidelines, basically instead of just having rules, we will have a system where it teaches new players how to play dungeon quest and how to do variety of diversity things like selecting an appropriate role, vice versa.

3. Rules may or may not be different based on the combination by not like the rules it's self, but the majority of regulations, etc.

4. Once we get to 100-150 members in this guild, I will host an special event where you will get a legendary scythe, event is a secret. Only me and @Kelly301#9625 will plan this alone, though @Dark AJ#7917 can be involved too.

5. Applications will be revamped, in other words it will be more organized and a bit professional like asking basic questions so it doesn't have to be hard to apply to be a staff, specific position, etc.

This major changes will take a while as I have notes on what I should change and should not. Any questions or concern? Feel free to ask a staff like @Zaperz#1141 , @Dark AJ#7917 , @Kelly301#9625 or just me in general, aka. Johnny

Contact: JayHopei#8029 or Kelly301#9625 for partnership or business inquiries.