It’s October, so you know what that means: SCARY TIME! Join the Astral Caravan while we spend some much needed time back on our home base, the Seraphim, in the Astral Sea. But remember, just because you’re home…doesn’t mean you’re safe. Monsters lurk in the astral, and one has been hunting in our location it seems. A ship of unknown origin stalks our current corner of the astral sea, chasing and attacking unwary ships that may be traveling through. For those of you wanting to get your witchy shopping on, the Witches’ Beacon has stopped near our station for a time, and offers a wide selection of mystical enchanted items, food, and companions! Just make sure to leave your weapons behind, don’t want to be rude, now do we?

New players are always welcome to join us for the fun, and our mods will be very glad to assist you with getting settled in. So for friends old and new, Happy Spooky Season, hope to see you in the Astral!

Teaz “Stormsinger” Locke, Resident Pirate