Really friendly age-gated community with a dramatically evil flair. Kinksters and sex-positive alike welcomed! Movie nights, tasks channel, many tailored chatrooms with specific kinks in mind, friendly staff, 3 gen chats for varying degrees of lewdness, little and non-little friendly, LGBTQ friendly, 420 friendly, audio erotica friendly.

Though this isn't a 'sexting' server there are many lewd conversations and sexual activities that occur in text and voice chat. This is a sexually charged community with a Villainous flair.

some recent events have included: movie nights(oh so many movie nights), cards against humanity, among us, Hypno events, group masturbation, contests for custom roles, video game streaming, Minecraft, showing off stuffies, group drawing while chatting and streaming their art while making it, playful teasing/sexual acts in voice/video chat, etc

Come join us if you're thrilled by evil and enjoy good conversations both in text and voice/video Come join if you're a little lamb that likes to wander into the dark. Come join if you too enjoy a bit of Villainy

We are in need of more active members. people that like to make friends and be helpful in planning events and games! if that sounds like you get in here!!!