• Thomas ♡ Welcome to Thomasiee ♡
  1. Positivity goes first, this means I want everyone to try and be positive at all times.
  2. Do not spam @'s.
  3. Do not send ANY nsfw related content.
  4. If you hate me don't stay any longer.
  5. Do not discriminate anyone, I will not accept it.
  6. No threaths for example telling people ''kys'', it is not getting accepted.
  7. Don't beg to be moderator, I decide if you get it or not.
  8. Don't @ the moderator role
  9. Repeatedly dming staff for server issues is not allowed please use ✔support for this.
  10. Not everything restricted may be mentioned in rules but you should know what are things you shouldn't do at anytime if you don't know these things look at Discord's official TOS. Thanks for looking at the rules and have a nice time in the server!