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Infinity Craft Discord: » Custom Discord Bot (2000+ Lines of Code) » Gambling Games » Invite Points » Ranks & Roles Infinity Craft Network Minecraft Gamemodes: » Skyblock » Survival » Earth Domination » Cosmetics » Ranks » Dedicated Community and Staff Please come out and support us! We would love to have you playing on our network!
Dobrodosli na oficijalni server od YouTubera Gujo. Hvala svima koji ste se pridruzili ili cete se tek pridruziti ! Zabava i druzenje je na prvome mjestu! Molim vas da se ne svadjate ili vrijedate na nacionalnoj ili vjerskoj osnovi inace cu biti prisiljen da vas maknem sa servera ! Hvala svima na razumijevanju Gujo :
Welcome to the discord. Please remember first and foremost to be respectful of each other and the community we have established here. There are multiple groups being hosted here - A general community, BeamMods and the other being Ladies Of Beam. Both Beam groups have the same purpose of bringing the community together to watch out for one another and keep Beam a positive environment for everyone. When you join this Discord, you automatically agree that you have read these rules and will abide by them. More detailed information on channel lists, etc. will be provided when you are assigned your role. tl;dr Discord Rules -Treat everyone with respect. -Do not spam. You are not a can of processed pork, spam will not be tolerated. Capslock is cruise control to ban. -Are you a hooker? No? Then no solicitation. -Use common sense. Don't be an asshole. -Gossip will not be tolerated.
Discord oficial de um streamer de games, ele é conhecido como: Ricardo, kefflen, etc...
Ich bin ein YouTuber und das ist mein Discord Server!