Twilight Games

Twilight Games is a gaming server for anyone who likes to play videogames. Whether you like to write code, create levels, design artwork, or simply chat with others, this is where you can express yourself freely.

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Twilight Games is a gaming server for anyone who likes to play videogames. Whether you like to write code, create levels, design artwork, or simply chat with others, this is where you can express yourself freely.

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The party has just started!

I just finished with a game on Roblox, a family friendly online gaming platform for builders and gamers alike.

New Name

Remember when I said I would delay the release of LunaWring?

I've done the math, and it looks like the whole idea does not require such a large amount of resources if there are other ways to reduce the file size of the app. However, there are other ideas while you guys are waiting. Yes, it may mean a longer delay, but this time, it shouldn't push the delay any further.

To make more sense of any future ideas I've come up with, I renamed this server as "Twilight Games." It's not so narrow, but it is still unique. The logo, however, remains the same. This logo can be used across different games that I'm implemented as one of the additional icons that I may include in these games. I'm also working on some cool algorithms for LunaWring. All this is done in the LOVE Framework.

LunaWring delays release

Bad news: LunaWring's first release will have to wait until next year. Sorry, but when I finished, I discovered that the file size is just too large for uploading. This can take a toll on low-end internet providers. Frankly, that includes the stock content. However, I am going to need to decide whether to just make that content available to download instead of including it, or reduce the size of the zip file by using a different format. However, it's not an easy decision.

I'll be busy with other stuff as well. Right now, there's a good chance that I may want to start working on animation software. It might not have export support, but it will work. This can take awhile, since resources are going to be limited. I may need to create my own font for the text shown on screen, write my own GUI code and other libraries, and create my own images to use for icons.

I can also reuse existing code. If you join my Discord server and submit your own code, you might be able to help. However, money donations are not required, since LOVE2D is a free and open source game engine.

Happy holidays, everyone! :D

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