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---> SERVER IS BRAND NEW, EXPECT A QUIET START <--- 🛰️ Float on in to Tycho Station, a social hub far reaching to all across the galaxy. Get yourself involved and introduce yourself to all our amenities & citizens. 🌌

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---> SERVER IS BRAND NEW, EXPECT A QUIET START <--- 🛰️ Float on in to Tycho Station, a social hub far reaching to all across the galaxy. Get yourself involved and introduce yourself to all our amenities & citizens. 🌌

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You win | Server Discontinuation


Coming up to 2 months public now and we've got nothing to show for it, GG Tycho Station, you were a hidden gem who never got a chance to see the light of day.

Progress report

Not much has changed since our last post a few weeks back now, server is still in an unfortunate state unfortunately. We have doubled in member count going from 6 to 12 so that's progress at least albeit very small.

Do be sure to check the server out at the very least, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

We're not out of the fight yet!

Been over a week since launch and we're experiencing a very slow start (Only 6 members), but we're not out of the fight just yet. So to everyone that happens to read this, please do give the server a chance and I'll do my part to make it a top tier server to experience. Many thanks.

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