We hit 5000 members!

The Twitch drama is really hard to watch. We are trying to help out creators here, and most of the time the streamers always say one thing. "I am just going to grow my Twitch." And you just kinda have to hold back your feelings and nod your head and say "yeah that's a good idea!" knowing the platform only wants them there to bring new viewers to the larger streams so Twitch makes money.

I want to drill them and ask why, but I already know why. They grew up with Twitch.

6 years working with smaller streamers, I have never known or seen anyone grow on Twitch. Only Facebook and YouTube. One Facebook streamer I worked with started getting over 50 peek viewers and was in a good place in his life. I asked him how he felt and he literally said "I am doing great on Facebook.. but it is not Twitch 😦 ."

My heart dropped.

I talked to my mentor about this. He has been in the YouTube space for years. He said the Twitch marketing was really strong back in the day. Really connected with anyone having issues with YouTube's early issues that are long gone now.

Some of you may leave after reading all of this since you know I am not a fan of the current Twitch. In fact a lot of Twitch streamers I had been helping already left around a month ago. I am at a loss for anyone that just want's to sit and watch the world burn around them on one platform and say "This is fine."

All the Twitch staff I knew are gone. Talent contacts. Recruiters. Event planners. We really have no idea what is going to happen to Twitch. But we will try and help anyone the best we can.

If you are truly serious with your content-creating career, please consider expanding instead of waiting to get (possibly) shut down.