Venus' Warren is up and going! After a couple days of constantly modding and adjusting the server, it's done. I finished the server, and everyone of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds are welcome to the server! Here's an introduction to the server. ✧.ೃ༄ This server is a safe place for people of all backgrounds! Many people are not having the best lives right now, so this Discord server is meant to help them get back on route. We provide therapy sessions which are free of no charge, and we host many fun events. So really, we are like any other server on Discord, but we're here to help support everyone. ✧.ೃ༄ As you read, this server is meant for everyone. This server is also led by only one person (me), so staff applications are open! All the information about this server is located in the 'information' category. Make sure to join the server and let others know about it! The more, the merrier! I hope that you all stay safe and happy in my warren. :]