Help re-vamp the server and get loads of people to join Advertise and make sure people follow t&s. Rules of the server: Please follow discord’s term's & guidelines. This does not apply to our roles channel, where you are allowed to reveal age, etc. ⦁ Spamming, harassment, abuse, hate speech or any kind of toxic behaviour will not be tolerated. (i.e: be kind!) ⦁ Please refrain from sending or showing any adult (18+) or graphic media. depending on the nsfw content, you may get muted, warns, kicks, or bans. ⦁ Text walls, large paragraph spam, unnecessary mentions or pings are looked down upon and large amounts of spam are not tolerated. ⦁ Please do not mention politics and religion in this server; this is so we can take precautionary measures to lower fighting,etc. ⦁ If help is needed, DM a staff, do not ask for help from another member or beg for something. ⦁ Do not cause any problems in the community, keep this community kind and polite. Read more in our discord