VOPeace NFts

INTRODUCE : VOPeace NFTs has a diverse collection of 3D NFT art that lives on the Solana and Polygon blockchain.

Website: https://vopeacenfts.art/

What is an NFT ?

NFT stands for ‘non-fungible token’ is unique digital token asset on a blockchain network. NFT is a digital asset that you can buy, sell (trade) and own.

Each NFT must be tied to any unique digital asset and cannot be separated if it has been recorded on a blockchain network. Examples of NFT include, but are not limited to drawings, music, animated GIFs, videos, as a card or online game function, concert tickets and more.

What can you do with our NFT for now ?

If you buy our NFT, you have full commercial rights. You can keep (own) your NFT and wait for a high bid or resell at a higher price to make a profit.

Our an NFT collections is "Views Of Peace" that are live on the Solana blockchain and "The Invisible" that living on the Polygon network.