?New Features? ?Loading screen - From now on, every time you are matched with an opponent you will be able to compare your stats, rank, and skills so u can choose either to fight him or be a coward and pay a penalty to retreat back to safety. ?Enable Bot Battles - You can now choose if you prefer to wait until you find a real opponent to fight against or to be matched against bots after the time limit passes. ?Mid-Battle leavers punishment - Players who close the game using external methods (like alt+f4 or task manager's process kill) will no longer escape punishment, and will suffer the consequences as if they lost the battle. ?Party Tutorial - When joining/forming your first party, a tutorial will show up letting you know you can take various actions with party members.

?Gameplay? ?Uncrackable Nut will now reduce damage received from effects (Like fire or poison). ?Made AI opponents receive additional Weapon Damage / Armor Points based on your Armory & Weaponry upgrades. ?Fixed an issue where killing your opponent in the first arrow of "Hotshot" would result in desync. ?Backstab skill no longer has a 100% hit chance, it now has the same hit chance as your Light Attack. ?AI players will now have Red banner color like players have. ?Fixed an issue where Active Skills would not cost any Stamina. ?Added new text for players who receive the "Funeral Dancers" finisher. ?Fixed the chat to maintain all texts written. ?Added indicator whenever you reach crowd excitement bars of 2/4/8 in battle.

?Bugs & Techincal issues? ?Fixed calculations of Crowd power and traps damage in battles. ?Fixed an issue where players would see two finisher animation types simultaneously. ?Fixed issue where sleight of hand would not trigger after getting an extra turn from "Continous Assault" skill. ?Fixed issue where sleight of hand would not trigger after getting an extra turn from "On Guard" skill. ?Fixed issue where players would wait infinitely to find a match while the game was not actually searching. ?Fixed issue where two players would die in the same turn, which results in glitches in the "Execution" phase.

?Graphical issues? ?Fixed bananas material in the Funeral Dancers Finisher. ?Added beards appear animation in the warrior customization screen.