Our features:

Here's a few things unique with our server if you join!

  • A custom mascot bot. Our yellow lion mascot, Kojo, has unique features to offer artists! He gives prompts/tasks for you to draw in exchange for our virtual currency! (more on that below) You can collaborate with other artists, draw members' OCs, or get out of a nasty art block with one of these art challenges! (and more..)

  • Virtual currency! (Wildcoins) You can earn Wildcoins by simply participating in our events or doing art challenges given to you whenever you use a command! You can use Wildcoins to buy a colored name, purchase art from other members, or even get a custom emoji! More options are to come. These coins were integrated for the purpose of helping poor artists to receive some art and draw for others.

  • Art rewards for boosters. If you support our server by boosting, you receive art from one of our fellow artists!

Our team is always looking for ways to make things more fun and unique for our members. Consider joining us and experience what our community has to offer! Make new friends, adore animals, express yourself, and become a better artist!