Wuxia World - Android and iOS Martial Arts Game by DustGaming. Join the suffering as this game is extremely slow.

Join discord at: https://discord.gg/kXwcTJFdkQ There is no official Discord, this is being manage by the player's community.

This game isn't for everyone, it might be too slow and 'too hard' for some players. But if you survive through Trial by Fire, you will forever continue to suffer playing this.

The game is available in 3 languages, English, Chinese and Vietnamese.

  • This is not a Gacha game but eventually there will be waifu system you can unlock
  • Absolutely no advertise for you to Cash Shop in game and just like their marketing budget for new players
  • Very Free 2 Play friendly. 99% can be acquire, only slower pace just like pain inflicted by Trollxia World
  • Fairly forgiving when you make mistake except for choosing your weapon
  • Cash Shop is quite expensive but we still become !emperor
  • Ranking isn't very competitive that forced you to Cash Shop often until we riot on forum
  • Combat is text based yet fun enough to discuss, there is enough animation and customization to watch
  • Translation can be consider bad yet you can be reading a novel in-game but... too long; didn't read
  • Server doesn't open every few days but many months instead, yet game still populated
  • There is no Tutorial, so your hand will not get held, forever remain alone
  • You must learn through exploration or Discord, but who need a teacher in Jianghu!
  • Go out there and make a name for yourself, then come home to suffer together in Wuxia World with the #english trash~

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