General and Guild Chat for Mobile Legends: Adventure
Bot | Gaming
RollWar is a small strategy game mixed with idle and mmo elements on discord. Grow your kingdom. Trade , Form alliances, Do combat with other players! Come try out the game for yourself!
Community | Gaming
Join our Idle heroes community on discord to socialize, find guides, see updates and news, get reminders, get help and help others. Everything u need to make your gaming experience more easy, fun, social and entertaining!
Gaming | Entertainment
We currently are a small browser game channel and we are always looking for new people to join Army Clicker! Army Clicker is a artistically drawn clicker game with in-depth combat mechanics, comic book-driven story line as well as increasingly harder chapters to progress in game, similar to other clicker games, such as Cookie Clicker or others! This game offers players to experience clicker game combat mechanics, while defeating enemies and progressing throughout the game, besides that, players may also discuss the strategies on how to beat the missions easier, earn more and to buy the best items from the Shop within the game! There's even a wiki link for the game right here ! Anyone can play it for free, without any emails or over-complicated registration - just think of your name, secure it with a password and jump into the game here !
Entertainment | Bot
This is a very great server for people that loves music, economy and giveaways. You can do these economy while idling with the bots, meaning that you don't have to stay on and keep on doing stuff. You can also have some time listening to music with the bots we have.