Welcome to T3!

ℹ️ - Welcome to our geopolitics roleplay server T3 - ℹ️

  • Not being limited by Discord - we expand outside of Discord; YouTube Channel, Wiki and Reddit! ??

  • ⚖️ - Removal of Unrealism, replacing with normalized realism.

  • ⚙️ - Removal of complicated works, replacing with simple mechanics.

  • ? - Removal of one-lined RP way, replacing with your preferable RP way.

  • ?- Removal of boring season concept, replacing with pure Worldbuilding system.

  • Create history with your own will. ❓ - Do you want to go against the history trend? ❓ - Maybe create a new ideology? ❓ - Cause wars?

? - Here you can do it! With open freedom of creativity for everyone! ?️

What would happen next? No one knows. Only you do. ⭐ - Join, contribute and try it out; take the opportunity that appears once in a while! -⭐ And just have fun since this is what Discord is made for. ?