• Home of 2b2t's largest trading channel & marketplace with an average of $1000 USD of sales per month.
  • 2b2t's largest collection of items in one place, with archives of thousands of books and banners.
  • Comprehensive bot, which has the ability to quickly find any book for you automatically.
  • Channels to post pictures of your screenshots, signs, collectible items and more.
  • Advanced customised bots which can search for books and banners in a matter of milliseconds and also detect queue length.
  • Live Reddit feed from r/2b2t so you can view 2b2t's worst content on discord.

Nitro Perks:

  • Priority Speaker for voice channels.
  • Access to the exclusive pre-2016 YouTube category which has hundreds of interesting videos ranging from 2011 all the way to 2016.
  • Rank at the top of the member list.