Community | Gaming
Comunidade do único servidor de minecraft BRASILEIRO focado em ANARQUIA! Sem regras e sem autoridades. Inspirado em 2b2t.
Gaming | Community
The 9b9t Signed Book & Collectibles Network is a server dedicated to archiving and preserving special items and more.
Gaming | Entertainment
The official Discord server for the Sir Henry YouTube Channel. This YouTube channel is mostly focused on Minecraft Content, more specifically 2b2t history videos.
YouTuber | Gaming
The official Discord server of Armorsmith's Followers.
Community | Gaming
Constantiam Faction Finder - Base Leaks & More!
Gaming | Growth
Gaming | Community
a minecraft anarchy server similar to the likes of 2b2t. will be coming out soon.
Gaming | Community
Ever wanted to just skip the queue? Cant afford priority queue? Join here! This server will notify you every time the server restarts! So you can skip the queue if your fast enough / get low queue spots! Join now!
Gaming | Programming
We are a Minecraft anarchy / 2b2t community. Planning on opening a Minecraft Speedrunning server where the public can play against each other in tournaments.
Gaming | Community
The Official server for 2builders2tools, the oldest anarchy server in minecraft.