We are here together to form a new tomorrow aka Tomorrow by Togetherrr. This server is dedicated to the kpop group TXT! 💕 If you are a Moa(TXT Stan) then come join us~!
This is a legacy, Not only a legacy, but the Shadowclaw Legacy!! ════════════════════════ This Server Consists Of ✧Over 37 Emotes ✧ Group Meetings For Server Changes ✧ Funny Memes To Make You Piss Your Pants ✧ Music (Lyric bot) ✧ Video Games To Play With Your Friends ✧ Stranger Things Chat ✧ Rant About Your Everyday Problem ✧ Roblox (Market Chat) ✧Invite Rewards Such As Nitro & Gift Cards ════════════════════════ If Any Of These Options Strikes Your Mind And Your Interested In Joining The Legacy Feel Free To Join!! ════════════════════════ See You There Fellow Troops! :) Also We Are Looking For Partnership Managers So Hit Us Up! ════════════════════════ Invite Link - https://discord.gg/RnqTJ3Q
(18+) A tight-knit group of friends who have either met gaming or on other servers pulling a Texas and going independent, we're active most hours of the day and will judge all of your life choices.
We do Customs every Sunday night on Windows 10. It's free. Join us!
𝕨𝕖𝕖𝕨𝕠𝕠 ᵀᴹ more than just a name a lifestyle.
The Splatoon sector of Team Hidden
2019'da Kurulan bu CS:GO Ekibine sende katıl ! Sizlere aile ortamı sunuyoruz keyifli oyunlar.
find others to play with, find high rank players for a carry, find low rank healers for a pocket, find groups to climb with, find groups to have fun with, etc
This is the chat room for weekly invisible illness / disability support group meetups on Altspace.
This server is for discussing issues related to anxiety disorders such as OCD, GAD, Social Anxiety, phobias and etc. Those simply dealing with anxiety as a symptom or those who want to know more about it are also welcome. There are plenty of mods and we try to cultivate a positive and supportive environment while still accommodating the need to discuss heavier issues. A lot of effort is directed towards minimizing the kind of drama and toxicity that can eat away at online communities.
We are just here for fun! Terrible At Games create weekly events where members can join us that are going to be live streamed
We're a server that is dedicated to building a community around gaming and socializing. We have ongoing tournaments and gatherings for everyone to enjoy! Come join us and play and hang out!
Official Anadolu Parsi Discord Server
Hello, 》If you were always been interested in learning new things 》If you were passionate about discussions 》If you can learn better through discussion this server is for you.. Here we get to contribute what we know and let others contribute their knowledge to us. And ask questions to get clarity of thought by leaving the confusion behind. We also encourage co-operation and connection by sharing our personal lives to form long-term friendships through genuine understanding.
Detroit based PC Gaming and Airsoft enthusiasts group.
*Just to be clear. This is a discord server for a ROBLOX group call Julian Theatre Network Group* Julian Theatre is the next generation of Theatres across the ROBLOX platform. Julian Theatre has useful bots that can entertain you and help you with scammers. If you ever need help, ask a admin or staff member That's all that needs to be said! Make sure to read newcomer info rules and verify your account in the verify channel by doing !verify Roblox Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/2972415/Julian-Theatre-Network-Group#!/about
A place to chill and talk about games or find other people to play with you in games like apex legends, fortnite or pubg
Gaming Alliance - A game community -Streamers -Gaming teams -Tournaments -Friendly fun community Join us.
We are a Rocket league discord with giveaways and info u can search for mates to play with a group or u can trade ur stuff feel free to join !
The official Discord server of Armorsmith's Followers.
A family friendly Terraria Mobile Discord community
Join now very gud
NALGADA is a society, not a secret one, but a public one. We will help you with everything. Don't feel alone, join our voice channels. Have a talk. Play games or even make homework together. We do everything together. By joining NALGADA you will unlock things that you have dreamed of. Currently we are working on a big project. When this project is finished it will be free for everyone who is in the Discord server. Never be alone, own the unknown. ~NALGADA
Hallo und Willkommen bei der Zocker-Nation, wir sind eine Bunte lustige Community. 👽 Wir freuen uns auf Alte und Neue Gamer w/m ab 30+ Ihr solltet auf jeden Fall Aktiv beim Gaming und Interesse am gemeinsamen Spielen haben. Aktiv beim Discord-Talk sein und in der Lage zusammen mit verschiedenen Leuten zu Spielen. - Giveaways - Events - Stats - u.v.m. Wir freuen uns auf euch. 👀 Games: The Division 2, Breakpoint, Remnant, CS:GO, ROE, PubG Lite, u.s.w.
TXSN Discord: - Only one rule: Don't be a dick. - Community from 2006 - Website: http://txsn.uk - Free TVShows/Movies/Games/Software/Hosting - Inhouse Created Bot - Role-Based Leveling System - Full IT Tech Support if needed - Looking for new members.
A server for the members and recruits of the 2nd Battalion Rifles Milsim (Group) on rdr2! Join today and be part of our long running team!
The Squat EFT is a Level 3 Discord server with 20 boost from it's supportive, friendly and mature community!
This server is newly rebuilt, active and growing! Our community is focused more on fun and entertaining activities! Our server is all about being a squad, as soon as you join people welcome you with open arms and the server is filled with warm chill vibes.
A wholesome community for everyone! Great staff that are very active, Well Moderated, Lots of topics to view and talk about with others, Come Join us and you'll hopefully find your home.
not an anime or furry server, i think that sums it up
The official Alon Mor fan discord server. Join us to chat about Alon Mor, music, and anything you'd like :)