We will be leaving for FOB Murabat in less than a week. Ensure last week's instructions were followed and be ready to leave at a moment's notice. This operation will require utmost secrecy, we cannot leave any signs of our existence or our contractor will be compromised. Read the provided briefing and make sure to stick to the ROE. Gentlemen, welcome to Syria.

After thorough investigations by NATO Security Services, it was revealed that the Turkish military commander assigned to the 2019 sector of the Turkish Operation “Peace Spring” had used the civil unrest in the major cities of Turkey for his own gain. According to intelligence data provided by allies in the region, Ömer Kilmaz had illegally sold a stripped Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II to the Republic of Pulau to be reverse-engineered by Chinese specialists. The F-35 was destroyed by the 6thAB Forces deployed during Operation “Strike-Back” and made unrecoverable. All F-35s in Turkey had been provided for testing through a secretive trial campaign known as “Mountain Dagger” in the greater Anatolia region. The remaining 3 F-35s have all gone missing during the recent instabilities in the nation. They are suspected to have been captured and hidden by Commander Kilmaz to distribute amongst NATO opposition states for large sums of money and other assets.

With Operation Snatch-Back, NATO will attempt to retrieve all remaining F-35s and eliminate the rouge Commander. Due to instability in the region and other major issues, NATO intelligence has not been able to locate the missing F-35s. This will require the use of deniable assets to locate and execute targets in the region. The presence of various conventional and unconventional forces, both allied and opposing, will greatly reduce our capabilities during OP Snatch Back.