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A new server for learning and knowledge exchange. We aim to provide a healthy and safe environment for people to expand their horizons and exchange information and ideas, to get or provide help and advice. Languages, IT, social and natural sciences, mathematics, homework. The server is a cancer-free zone.
A super friendly server for chatting, socializing, and all your many interests including gaming, rp, art, spooky stuff, and even more! We would love for you to join us!~
A safe place for all little's, caregivers, pets! We are very friendly and welcome any community and age as long as you are over 13 All genders, ages, sexuality, backgrounds welcome of coursies! Come and join our big family!
Fastest growing Muslim community. 700+ members. Lectures, sports, gaming, politics, tech. Muslims/Non-Muslims welcome.
Fast growing 600+ member community! A comfy, chill, and friendly little bubble for people who want to make friends and enjoy wholesome discussions! Strictly SFW (have NSFW for 18+ verified only) and non toxic. We have a variety of things we all dabble interests in. This server is especially great for those who love boba tea! If you don't, well, we hope you enjoy the community! ♡ Customized bot and currency ♡ Variety of colors and channels ♡ Fun and Active chats/VC ♡ Amazing Emotes ♡ Friendly Members and Community ♡ Monthly Member and Staff Appreciation ♡ Birthday Roles/Channel ♡ Events ♡ Contests ♡ Special Rewards and Giveaways!
A niche, comfortable server with a neat community. A place where you can know people by more than just their names. Includes: - Channels to showcase and sell art - Gaming Channel - Serious and casual roleplay channels - Several categorized channels for NSFW content (18+ only)
Discord's biggest furry server that purges regularly and has over 16,500 users! Commission channels for artists, roleplay spaces, gaming channels, astronomy and more! Super active VCs and helpful staff, too! :)
A fun, friendly JoJo's Bizarre Adventure server for discussing the anime, manga and so much more!
Welcome, Goshujin-sama, care for some tea? It would be our pleasure to serve you in the Aromatic Café. We pride ourselves in providing a comfortable environment where many friends from all over the globe are waiting for you, ready 2 watch anime, play games & more importantly, provide service for your complete satisfaction! Our waiters & waitresses are ready for your arrival, come on in!
Serving the finest meme cuisine since June, 2016.
A super friendly, slime-themed social discord server with interests in Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and other games of all sorts. We're always excited to meet new people and talk D&D with everyone! The staff has a combined 30+ years of tabletop experience and the community is super helpful, no matter where you are in your tabletop journey. Hope to see you soon!
18+ mentally | Small tight-knit community | Custom roles and channels | Weekly server events | Regular VC
We are a server with over 600 members that talk about all kinds of things. From the trending anime shows or manga series, to the newest gaming or music news! You're also free to join just to chill and enjoy the community. Welcome to Tempest City!
pretty lame community filled with some semi-lame people, come join and feed my ego
Furry Trash
230 Online
Furry Trash is an 18+ server that doesn't allow role-play. We have events like movie night where you can meet other furries; game tags to meet other gamers; and nsfw channels for your adult interests
Square one is a simple, friendly and fun place to meet new people to hang out with. We keep it simple and just want to play games together, discuss some good anime or movies together and experience some good times together. U ARE ONE. ALL ARE WELCOME
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♡Hey, do you love bunnies as much we do? Because we love bunnies so much our server couldn’t handle it. We had to make another one. So come join our server we have all types of cutie bunnies to help express yourself! Link to BunBun 0.2 in server. ♡Disclaimer: You will need nitro to use our servers as our servers are emote servers only.
Whatever. Unicorns. Kittens. Chat.
Looking for a place to hang-out and make some new friends? The Game Cave is all about games, sharing, conversation and more! We are a small community of friends, wanting to expend our circle. Join now and help us make a fun and great community together!
▄₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪▄   🌺Anime⚔Empire™🌺 ▀₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪▀ ```diff - ✿ 🌺Anime⚔Empire™🌺 is a well moderated Discord server, in which you will meet new people and have fun with what we have to offer. - ✿ There will be subjects discussed in dedicated chats: Anime, Gaming, RP, NSFW and newly requested topics our members appreciate. - ✿ If you are caught underage and lying about being 18+ to access NSFW, then you will be banned from this server without notice. - ✿ Please enjoy your stay! Nothing illegal please, follow the Discord TOS/Guidelines so everyone can fully enjoy the server. <3 ``` 🌺 Variety of Anime and Hentai channels! 🌺 Very friendly community! 🌺 Post your selfies! 🌺 Roleplay! ✿.。.:* ☆::. ᅠ .::.☆.:。.✿ 💜 Currently at 5000+ members! 💜 ✿.。.: ☆::. ᅠ .::.☆*.:。.✿
Fate GO bot, private osu server, gacha card game and more! Come join this community of over 45k!
༺═────💻Playaround™🎮────═༻ ```css ▼ Dedicated Channels! ▼ ▷PC 💽 & Console 🎮 ✔Final Fantasy ✔Overwatch ✔Fortnite ✔Armajet ✔PUBG ▷Mobile 📱 ✔Battle Bay ✔Armajet ✔PUBG ``` **Game Bots! Music! Memes!** ♫♪.ılılıll|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅̅|llılılı.♫♪ ✔Auto-Moderation! ✔Anti-Raid! *Pokemon Gyms and Badges!*
๑۩۩๑▬● Balamb🏰Garden™ ●▬๑۩۩๑ ▷Action RolePlay! ▷Active Staff! ✔Auto-Moderation! ✔Anti-Raid! **▼ Current Theme: ▼** 🎮 Final Fantasy VIII: SeeD Academy!
═══════════ ೋღ ♡///♡ ღೋ ═══════════ Ownership, Coding and Development Community Informational channels available! 120+ Tested bots for display!
═══≪༺Partnership⚔Alliance™༻≫ ═══ ✔ 500+ Partner Managers and higher from all around! ✔ 100% Non-Toxic listings! Completely reviewed! ✔ Interest based listing channels with partners!
Anybody is allowed, but nothing NSFW and no spamming, read the menu! You can chat in our diner, restroom, or outside at the dumpster! Place your orders so our good bot Carl can take care of you. If you're in a hurry, tune in on Arby's radio or speak through our Drive thru! Side note: We are employing people to help program Carl to make our server safer and better
A primarily jojo-centric anime server with lax rules. Complete with a homemade bot and fairly adequate emotes, you can't go wrong.
✽ — maho no hana — ✽ we are a new friendly fan-based 16+ anime server where you can be yourself. we'd love to see this server grow and want people to be apart of the growth. ⇉ __**What we provide for the community?**__ ⇇ ✽ - Sfw. ✽ - Active Friendly Members. ✽ - Welcoming Staff. ✽ - Bot Gameplay. ✽ - Leveling Up ✽ - Giveaways. ✽ - Weekly Events. ✽ - helping out when you need it. ✽ - cute emotes.
Serveur basé sur le thème de l'hôtel, peuplé de gens sympa et saupoudré d'une ambiance chaleureuse au possible \(^▽^) Bots principaux: Mee6 Rythm Kawaii bot YAGPDB
The Dream! DARK HUMOR, ART, AND GOOD FUN! :) A creative place where all sorts of people come to meet new friends! Lenient mods!
Hello and welcome to the Ferncombe, a modern fantasy RP with original lore, playable quest lines and arcs, as well as cast characters to interact with for information! Choose from a wide range of playable races and create your characters. Join groups, gangs or cults, fight the government or aid in their goals and don’t lose track of the war raging in the west. Become a revolutionary rebel, military sniper, potion maker and everything in between! This is a 333 site, so 18+ only please. Staff is happy to answer any questions you have. We have a discord server as well as a forum site ( We look forward to meeting lots of fun, creative writers and artists! We're not scary, so drop on in!
Cea mai mare comunitate activa de APEX LEGENDS din Romania ! Va asteptam. Website Apex Legends Romania: Acesta este grupul de facebook official APEX LEGENDS ROMANIA, peste 1899 de membri! Si aici este pagina officiala ,va asteptam. Follow pe instagram ! Twitter :
We're a server focused on Otome (Dating Sim) Games such as Mystic Messenger, The Arcana, Ikemen Sengoku, and even titles like Hatoful Boyfriend! We have a friendly server with attentive mods. Will you get the good ending?
A server dedicated to Bara (Gay Art), Gaming and Banter! Now with a big FFXIV community!
A place where you can chill talk about league of legends & share Anime talk/memes.
Welcome to Honey はちみつ! This is a server designed to be a chill place for people to hang out and do pretty much anything they want, this is a server built for those who join to make it what they want for it to be. This server includes roles with perks, chill atmosphere, lgbt friendly, friendly admin team, and of course nonexistent drama.
Contents of this server is friendly to those wanting to socialize in the most natural state of mind possible. If you're looking for Politics, this server also considers politics as optional, although it is not the purpose of the server.
-🌹 ✨ DIVINE ✨ 🌹 - > a place like home, we are new, join us 💖 > community, memes, egirls, music, gaming, nsfw, edgy (etc..) ✨ > chill and fair staff (moderators) ⚡ > welcoming community, chill people ✨ > cancer-free chat, deep talks, self-roles 🌙 > custom emotes 90+ (really good ones) ⚡ -permanent invite link-
↠ New, refreshing community. ↠ Variety of Bots (Music/Memes) ↠ Partner/Affiliate with Us! ↠ Chat & Meet New People. ↠ Open Staff Positions ↠ Leveling System with Colorful Roles! ↠ Open for Suggestions from any user. ↠ General, Gaming, & Music voice chats. ↠ Variety of Giveaways!
Wholesome 16+ server Chill community that is like family. More than 2K members. No toxic & annoying members allowed. Daily events and voice chats A custom bot called "Penny" Art competitions. ALWAYS improving.
Syndicate Grim is a gaming community, we also have a website being made at, we encourage making friends and playing games together. We are also looking for moderators!
Sky Server
33 Online
Welcome to Sky server! (albeit growing), where you can talk about anime, manga, games or have a chat and make new friends ;p (partnerships are fine too)
"Tea party" is one of the friendliest servers that exist. Our community is based on and for anime lovers, however, a lot of different people find their place in the server. We have a good design, a big amount of channels of various kinds, active and friendly staff members, only well thought-out rules, a lot of bots, and nice emoji. Interested? We recommend you to join and check us out yourselves, you will not be disappointed!
This server is dedicated for growth and evolution. The focus is Love, positivity, healing. It's a strict place for people who hold positive intentions towards self and others, they might not express it just yet though. People here can get guidance/help. There's some~ information that can be learned from (if you don't want to interact) and people are welcome to share their experiences. This server is not a safe-space, though could seem to be. It's triggering and challenging, a lot didn't even pass to enter because they didn't know how to use the key, that was right there in front of them...
The exercise of the intellect. excessive emphasis on abstract or intellectual matters, especially with a lack of proper consideration for emotions. Philosophy . the doctrine that knowledge is wholly or chiefly derived from pure reason. the belief that reason is the final principle of reality.
Advertise your Discord servers and Social Media accounts for FREE! - 9500+ members! - Partnerships! - Weekly Giveaways / Events / Contests - Stream / Youtube promotion (people will see when you go live or post a new video) - Latest Gaming / Patch / Sports News - Tips on how to grow your server - Make your discord grow by posting Ads!
Servidor para brasileiros trocarem uma ideia, fazerem amizades, jogarem juntos, em suma, socializar.
✿ Fwuffy is a welcoming and smol community that hopes to grow! ✿ ✿ Join for fun and excitement! ✿
Worldwide server for Pokémon GO players in the LGBTQ community. Allies are welcome too!
♡LovelyFamily♡ is a cute, adorable, friendly, non toxic, sfw & family theme community! (13+) all family members are welcome to hang out with new family ❤ 。☆✼★━━━━━━━━━━━━★✼☆。 Our goal is to create a happy, wholesome, cute, adorable community! <3 。☆✼★━━━━━━━━━━━━★✼☆。 what we have ✿ active voice chats ✿ Interactive bots ✿ Event nights ✿ Giveaways ✿ Music channels ✿ Gaming channels
Anime focus but really it's just a community of friendly and easy going people. Several channels for really any interest, and a relatively decent anti-spam/raid system to keep everyone's experience positive 4,000 members and growing with nearly 5 years of experience in community management.
20 Online
Bienvenue sur la petite communauté qu'est Erethia, nous sommes dépressifs et passionnés du gaming (osu! & LoL principalement).
On parle de clito bien humides, de bite tordues. Serveur full gay-dépressif-emo-weeb.
Galaxy blob emojis for Nitro users
USA based gaming community. We play Rocket League, Apex, Monster Hunter and more! Mature server, profanity allowed. Age 16+
A play by post RPG community, set in the Star Trek universe. We're a Starfleet Intelligence Clan Ops ship, in 2416 in the prime universe. We use our discord server for plotting and socializing along side our play by post RP. While we welcome people to come and chat, if you hang out much, we will try to recruit you. More information on how to play upon joining our server. We promise we don't bite without permission! Qapla'! Due to the nature of some of our plots, as well as related chat, members do need to be eighteen or older.
A play by post RPG community, set in the Firefly/Serenity universe. We use our discord server for plotting and socializing along side our play by post RP. While we welcome people to come and chat, if you hang out much, we will try to recruit you. More information on how to play upon joining our server. Due to the nature of some of our plots, as well as related chat, members do need to be eighteen or older.
Looking for a place to stay? Look no further, because Hotaku is now open for guests! This is a place where you can chill and weeb out with fellow otakus!
Surreal dreamscape server. Chill community for all your inner demons. 24/7 sadboy hours with the edgiest members.
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