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Get those payouts with our trading bot! 🚀
Before buying prop firm evals, ensure a winning strategy with our state-of-the-art NinjaTrader Bot and Optimization Models for retail algorithmic trading.
Our automated trading algorithm bot addresses a major trading issue: unreliable entries caused by emotional biases. Keep emotions out and let our Algo handle the micro-management!

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Get those payouts with our trading bot! 🚀
Before buying prop firm evals, ensure a winning strategy with our state-of-the-art NinjaTrader Bot and Optimization Models for retail algorithmic trading.
Our automated trading algorithm bot addresses a major trading issue: unreliable entries caused by emotional biases. Keep emotions out and let our Algo handle the micro-management!

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✅ Keep the emotions out Embrace macro strategy, entrust micro-management to our Algo.

✅Go Long and Short No need to decide Long or Short. Let the Algo and probability models determine the optimal outcome for you.

✅Build a solid fundation of base hits its focus is on achieving consistent base hits while minimizing drawdown.

✅Outperform the market Transform into a statistical trader achieving high success rates.

✅ Refine your own strategy Utilize our strategy and models for precision tuning of your own approach.

NinjaTrader Trading BOT

Our Discord offers two main components:

A Strategy Builds

Algorithmic bots designed for automated trading. Each Build has a one-week lifespan. We update the strategy code weekly.

We provide 4 Strats:

NQ - MNQ Long and Short. NQ - MNQ Bollinger Long and Short. ES - MES Long and Short. MBT- Long and Short.

B Strategy Parameters

The effectiveness of the strategy relies on our back testing and actual results. We provide parameters for the Cash session and London. We run simulation models daily to ensure the strategy maintains an edge in the market. Customized based on the latest market data at the end of each session. Parameters for the next trading week are provided each Sunday Night.


Entries signals Room: Each Strat has their own automated entries channel.

EOD Results: We publish the results for each Strat Daily. Londond Session and Cash Session.

Premium Support Included with Premium. Are you ready to take your trading to the next level? Look no further! With our personalized onboarding 1-on-1 sessions (around 1 Hour) , you'll gain exclusive access to expert guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Here's what we offer with Premium Support:

Algorithmic Trading Plan: Craft a solid trading plan that aligns with your goals and risk tolerance. NinjaTrader and Broker/Prop Firm Setup: Get hands-on assistance in setting up NinjaTrader and connecting it seamlessly with your preferred broker or prop firm, ensuring smooth execution of your strategies. VPS Configuration: Maximize uptime and efficiency by setting up your Virtual Private Server (VPS) for optimal performance in executing trades. Strategies and Models Setup: Learn how to implement and fine-tune proven trading strategies and models, customized to suit your trading style. Risk Calculation and Max Drawdown Review: Understand the intricacies of risk management, calculate potential risks, and review correct settings to minimize drawdowns. Gain confidence in your trading decisions and unlock the full potential of algorithmic trading under the guidance of seasoned professionals.

Ready to embark on your journey towards algorithmic trading mastery? Sign-up and schedule your onboarding session!

Let's turn your trading aspirations into reality, one session at a time!

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