Season 2 Has Just Begun!!

We have just had our first Season Finale Event on Apocalypse RP which saw our OCs sneak their way out of Enfield City by crossing a river into Enfield County without being caught by The Outcasts, a gang of teens and young adults corrupted and metaphorically brainwashed by the groups leader, the frontman of a punk rock band called Seth Ipkiss.

Our characters are now in Enfield County and are attempting to find a new home out in the fertile landscape they have discovered, however they must contend with the fact that their leader, Jonathan Cross didn't make it and The Outcasts are growing in numbers and will be hunting them down sooner or later... all the while a new threat begins to emerge, a group of escaped convicts from Enfield Prison who've made a base in an abandoned seaside resort with a dangerous philosophy of power that makes them a force to be reckoned with.