New Universe, Again!

I Am here to announced that at the end of the Month we will be switching over from this RP over to a Space RP. In This RP you will Be Able to be a nomadic Nation, an Option we have Refined and made better. As well as a Character who goes across the Cosmos in their own ships whether it be a small fighter or a Frigate with your Characters own Crew. and Lastly as a Sedentary expansive Empire, one that will conquer Systems and Vie for Galactic Prominence as you bring your fledgling Empire to Greatness. And aswell as refining our nation classifications, this rp will come with some background lore So be on the watch for when we drop that along with the Nation Rules. Lastly, I'd like to Thank our Moderator Nat who has made us a Custom map for this RP. one that I Believe will make the RP so much more immersive. I Hope you will come and Join us in the 4th Space RP this Server has ever Conducted! - Sib