Artmis v1.0.0 Update Log

Hello everyone!

Today, we released our first ever major update for Artmis. Below is the patch notes. You can join Artemis right now (if you haven't already) to see all the new content for yourself!

Update logs will be split into two sections: New content and fixtures.

New Content

The Hunt Pass

The Hunt Pass is essentially the "premium" version of Artemis. There are two ways to receive The Hunt Pass. The easiest way is by simply Nitro boosting the server. Depending on how many boosts you give the server decides how long you'll have the Hunt Pass. For every boost you give, you'll have one month of the Hunt Pass.

Ex: If you give the server one boost, you'll have one month of the Hunt Pass. If you give it two, you'll have two months.

If you boosted Artemis but then remove the boost, your Hunt Pass will also be removed.

The second way to receive the pass is by using the new #🏆|invite-rewards system. More info regarding invite rewards is below.

The current perks for the Hunt Pass are:

Early Update Logs - You get to see the next update's update log 2 - 4 days before it's even released.

More Role Colors - The default role colors are pretty basic, but with the Hunt Pass, you get an extra 10 unique role colors.

Hunt Pass General - An exclusive chat only for Hunt Pass users.

We're adding more perks in the future. This is just to start off with.

Invite Rewards

#🏆|invite-rewards is one of the two ways to receive the Hunt Pass. Not only that, but there are other rewards too.

To count towards an invite, the user you invite must join the server. Simply just inviting them does not count.

Server Events

We'll be hosting some server events in the future. Whether it's a video game competition, or anything. We'll always post information about new events in #🌙|event-news.


  • #👋|welcomes-and-goodbyes, #📜|rules, #👐|welcome used to be viewable even if you weren't verified, this has been fixed.

  • Slowmode in #🔢|counting has been raised from 10 seconds to 15 seconds