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Just a chill place to share art. Maybe even score a place in the mod staff or on the comic squad

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Just a chill place to share art. Maybe even score a place in the mod staff or on the comic squad

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We are a brand new furry server, just trying to start, and grow a community. We strive to make friends, have fun, ad to help each other. The server features over 20 channels, reaction roles, a level up system, and much more! We would love to have you join! Please keep in mind that this server is sfw only, so make sure to keep things pg.
We're a multifandom Discord server originating from the Hazbin Hotel fandom, but also accepting everyone else! We're doing our best to keep our rules as short and straight-forward as possible, just to make your stay more pleaseant!
The Creativity Circle is open to creators of all skill levels who want to learn together and teach each other. Our goal is to work together to fight creativity blocks of all kind (writers, artists, etc.) and turn it into a never-ending circle of productivity! We hope that you'll be willing to join and help us build a positive, motivating environment for fellow creators. We have: - Roles for many different creative pursuits (writer, artist, game dev, etc.) - Monthly events! - Chill community
✦ RATS MAKE ART! ✦ ❤ Rats Make Art is a brand new, cafe themed art server for rats like you to share their art, meet, and hang out. We have QOTD, weekly art prompts, friendly staff, many roles and color roles to choose from, channels to showcase your talent, and verification for safety!
A small server for art, friends and hangout!
Comic exiles is a server devoted to the creation of all sorts of art like webcomics, illustration, and writing. We also host channels talking about various media topics ranging from cartoons, anime, and more. If you wanna hang with us just come right in.