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Мультитематическое познавательное комфортное общение. #конференции, #бизнес, #консалтинг, #семинар.
Welcome to StarTravel Hotels! We are a hotel group with stuff, and we are on development! Please read the rules on #rules channel!
this is the official discord server for pop a swap!
Sizler için en kaliteli Hosting hizmeti veren bir ekip! Web Sitemiz: E-Posta Adresi: [email protected] Discord Sunucumuz:
Vous aimerez surement ce serveur Rp si vous aimez les jeux comme donjons et dragons. Open to people who also speak English -> You will probably like this Rp server if you like games like dungeons and dragons.
Hey there! Scope GFX Buy/Sell is a GFX and VFX Advertising platform where you can go to find customers or a quality design! We have designers that Charge for their work and others that don’t but that doesn’t affect the standard of work (very good) If your worried about the safety of a money transaction with a designer or customer your covered with Scope GFX Terms of Service which means that if their is any issues with a transaction involving money we will make sure you get your money back! Our designers can make nearly anything and always at a low price! Owner of the server: @SOB#6969 ———————————— Join here: ————————————
:briefcase:HOW THIS WORKS:briefcase: ⮚Click the shrinkearn in the #shrinklink channel ⮚This gives money to our shrinkearn account ⮚Invite people to get money from us from the shrinkearn ⮚We will also do giveaways for the shrinkearn money ⮚Shrinkearn may make us wait a certain amount of days before we can withdraw any of the money to giveaway.
Welcome to VexedKeys! We hope you enjoy your stay! We sell cheap, and affordable game keys. We can guarantee we are cheaper than all leading sellers.
This is a support discord for users of the Vexor Tickets bot!
Dynoblox is a website designed for people of all ages. We have games, website and business tools, and educational programs all in one!
A group for copywriters, content writers, and other business-oriented writers to gather, share advice, chat, vent, and hang out together
:tada: Inspire :tada: The Service Team That Cares SERVICES :paintbrush: Graphics :house: Building :electric_plug: Plugin Development :pencil2: Writing :hammer: Discord Setups :robot: Discord Bots :globe_with_meridians: Website Development RATES :money_mouth: 85% - 90% Commission Rate :money_mouth: : 7.5% Sales Representatives Rate :money_mouth: : 7.5% Management Rate FEATURES -Ability for client to choose who to complete their commisison -Monthly Events -Awesome Custom Bot HOW TO PURCHASE If you want to purchase any of our products, head over to #bot-commands and type in -new RECRUITING We here at Inspire are always recruiting for new freelancers and management positions! If you want to join Inspire, head over to #bot-commands and type in -apply to apply for one of our job positions!
This discord server was created for all bettors. You can be inspired by other people on the server, posting your tickets or just chatting.
Vítejte na našem novém Discord serveru, jsem sportovní sázkařská komunita, která má za cíl přivést k nám co nejvíce lidí zaměřený na sázení. Na našem naleznete: Chat, který je zaměřený čistě na sázení ale taky na běžnou konverzaci. Místnost, kde můžete zveřejňovat vaše výherní/proherní či nevyhodnocený tikety Místnost pro vaši analýzu Místnost ve které si můžete povídat s komunitou přes mikrofon VIP místnosti, VIP role apod.
cankiri karatekin universitesi Dc sunucusu
Bonjour, Bienvenue sur le projet GDS Group, un projet qui à pour but de créer une entreprise qui sera basé sur la grande distribution !
Giveaways and gift cards.
The official server for Turbowave Games, a one-person indie studio!
:ballot_box_with_check: Cheap accounts for netflix and others :white_check_mark: Memes, videos, music, pictures. :ballot_box_with_check: if you refer us to a friend and they purchase something from us, we will pay you 5$ each time! :white_check_mark: A clean, simple interface which is easy to navigate. :ballot_box_with_check: Embracement of freedom of speech and expression. :white_check_mark: For Every 10 Invites, You can recieve a FREE Upgrade On Spotify Premium! :ballot_box_with_check: LIFE TIME WILL GIVE YOU NEW ACCOUNTS IF DEAD :white_check_mark: exclusive Giveaways :ballot_box_with_check: Join us today at
A thriving game development company reaching for the stars. Join now and apply for saff.
🤗🎉Welcome to RbxRewards🎉🤗 A Server where you can Earn Robux while inviting, Earning levels by chatting! We always stay legit and our Payout rate is high! We love doing giveaways, And keep in mind we NEVER ask for your Password, Robux is given by Group payouts. If we don't pay you after 2 days, that means we are out of group funds and will be restocking soon! So what are you waiting? Join now!
Awesome game dev server
2Bitscoin Bringing The Hemp Industry To The BlockChain helping poor Community become self-sufficient independent not relying on outside investments to be stable. We are a Community Driven blockchain that will focus on being a Multi Wallet Asset Exchange, Marketplace allowing members to vote on upcoming projects built upon the blockchain. If this sounds interesting please come by and join our community we are doing giveaways as a promotional right now. Learn about industrial hemp and blockchain and earn cryptocurrency at the same time
WLA is a virtual airline servicing flight sims like Goefs, FSX, and others. We also enjoy a little rp now and then, but mainly our server is a fun place to hang out and have fun.
🔥This is the Official CipBot Server🔥
Welcome to Papyrus Editing Server! on this server we will be editing videos and making thumbnails and we have just started but we are professional editors! First 10 people to join get 1-2 videos and 1-2 of there thumbnails to get edited For free! Join before somebody claims the offer before you!
Fake Shop Vendemos: Mods Designer Base Curso ========================================================= :globe_with_meridians: Staff Ativa :eyes: Confiavel :100: Seguro :pushpin: Loja 24H online
Developer Server for GTA V
TeamSpeak Proxy Generate How it work. it's easy. ur Server IP or DNS when u put that u will recived ip with port join on ts3 with that ip and u will be opening proxy in this server. website link :
Tired of YouTube? Project Blank is a video sharing site startup that focuses on the community and community oriented features. In this server, you can join the discussion on anything youtube and videos, share memes, and even join our team if you wanna be apart of something amazing and big. And most importantly: have fun :)
This is a server where you can buy very cheap Minecraft accounts! We are selling each Non-full access account for $0.50, each Semi-full access account for $5, and each Full access account for $10!
Welcome to Click Advertising, an advertising platform for all of your needs!
This is an investment server where you invest with paypal or amazon gift card and you get return 2x the amount you invest. You don't have to stress yourself,we are going to do all the work for you.
Chciałbym zaprosić was na serwer "Świat ETS" który powstał w celu poszukiwaniu graczy, ułatwić dostęp do najnowszych aktualności. Serwer jest świeży i liczy na wielu aktywnych użytkowników Co oferujemy? - Miłą i przyjemną atmosferę (o którą zadba administracja) -Ogarniętą i doświadczoną administrację -Możliwość awansu na rangę "moderator" -skonfigurowane boty -około 50 castomowych emotek -givewaye (średnio raz w miesiącu, o pierwszym informacje 15 maja) -realizowanie propozycji
Here you can buy and sell stuff that you don't need. A place where you can advertise services, irl items, or virtual items. You can also buy things here too. Aside from that we are also striving to make a bigger community of people who are pure gamers. People who enjoy the online world for the sake of fun! We would like to help make the online world more fun for you. On the way, We hope you can make new friends through our server!
Welcome to Availium Services, we are an online based organization set to provide quality services, we offer services from development to graphic design and more. Want to order? To order create a ticket in #bot-commands by typing -new (topic), and our bot will assist you the rest of the way. Looking for us online? Visit us on our website,, or view our #social-media. Want to join us? Simply use one of our invite links,,, or
The Collective is a group of individuals with vast skills & experiences that share one common goal: to champion the advancement of crypto with a trusted team that can do anything. We will build an organization that incubates worthwhile projects, funds investments, shares ideas, and finds solutions. The Collective is a band of brothers (and sisters!) built on trust, so that when crypto uptake accelerates, we’ve got the infrastructure, confidence, and clout to help each other lead the charge into the future.
WHAT IS PAYPAL REWARDS? Tired Of Going Inviting Clients and Getting 0.00$ Rather than you should? Oh well here is the perfect solution for you! Invite Rewards: ⸰ 10 invites - $20 ⸰ 20 invites - $60 ⸰ 30 invites - $125 ⸰ 40 invites - $140 ⸰ 50 invites - $155 ⸰ 60 invites - $170 ⸰ 70 invites - 200 ⸰ 80 invites - $225 ⸰ 90 invites - $250 ⸰ 100 invites - $350 Invite Link:
This is a server where you can sell, buy and trade anything! Hope you have a fun time (I just started the server so this server is new)
Welcome to Sellcord. Open your little Sellcord Shop and sell your products and services to other members in the community easily. Sellcord is striving to become the highest ranked Discord Marketplace for products and services, and is safe and secure for everyone. Sellcord gives you the opportunity to become your own salesman and earn some cash within the community in no time. Join Sellcord today, and start selling and earning back! We are here to spread the message of OwO Join us join our family join our cult we will welcome you with open arms
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