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A HOME FOR NEW INVESTORS AND TRADERS! Our goal is to keep analysis and alerts simple. No question is a dumb question here, we strive to have our members learn and profit within out community. If you are serious about changing your life and investing with confidence join our discord and check us out!
Server mostly for a Tradingview Boring Indicator, which directs trend and successfully helps with trading.
По уши в криптовалюте? Холдишь? Трейдишь? Спикулируешь? Гуру? Новичок? Просто приглядываешься? Подписан на кучу информационных телеграмм каналов? Постоянно проверяешь разнообразные интернет ресурсы в поисках новостей и информации? По крайней мере раньше было именно так. Теперь все гораздо проще! Рады представить тебе наш сервис объединяющий всё вышесказанное воедино - JURASSICRYPTO. Мы собрали ВСЕ информационные инструменты в одном месте, сделали всё удобным и доступны абсолютно для каждого! У нас ты найдешь: гайды для новичков прописанные нами вручную, обзоры, аналитику, новости со всевозможных площадок, информацию по ICO, airdrop-ы которые проходят наш фильтр, без безумных задач, инфо боты, торговые/индикатор боты, листинг боты, ну и конечно же 50+ активных каналов с торговыми сигналами и рекомендациями аналитиков со всей планеты!!! Мы постоянно работаем над нашим контентом, улучшая и дополняя его. Уверены, что тебе у нас понравится!
Join our group and chat with other traders about what’s going on in the market today. We focus on stocks, ETFs and options, but all forms of trading are welcome. We are here to provide a fun, professional environment for traders.
Do you know what it really takes to become a successful trader? Aspire for financial freedom? Learn from dozens of experienced active traders, know the ins and outs of the market. The market is no joke and it's a special niche that only the best can achieve consistent success.. is that you? Are you competitive, Gamer, Entrepreneur? Test your skills and dedication here! We are a small community focused on self improvement and working towards financial freedom!
Join the #FearFam Market Chat today! Invite rewards include: - Nitro - Fortnite Accounts - Minecraft Accounts - Spotify Accounts - Netflix Accounts - Followers Ask me about server partnerships!
Hello there, do you have trouble's in your rank? You cant rank up by yourself, do you think you are better than your current rank, but cant get higher because of your bad teammates? Or you just want to flex in front of your friends? You are in the right place. We offer Rocket League Rank Boosting, Coaching, Replay Analysis and more for the cheapest prices. We have proven our legitable in previous customers, we have plenty of reviews and proofs. If we get our customer, we start with boosting as soon as possible. Visit our discord server and see yourself.
A new store trying to sell stuff at an affordable price. This store Is focused on selling the cheapest and best things Weather it comes to games/keys/accounts etc My store will be updated Daily/weekly. Are u a seller yourself? You can gain access to the Verified store by providing proof of vouchers I'm trying to make my things as cheap as possible for You to afford it. It can be hard to pay 60$ for a game For further information contact me
Free advertisement and learn how to earn money online
This is a server made for everyone who want's to talk about social trading of all kind. Wether you use ayondo, wikifolio, etoro or something else, feel free to join and have a look!
Please join this server! Don't leave, turn off notifications and put it at the bottom if you want just please :smiley:
Daytrading with NinjaTrader
#WINNING a free online community based technical analysis group on discord.
Welcome to all walks of life as long as the rules are followed. Intentions of having a good time and having thought provoking discussions. Not necessarily everything about crypto but definitely an integral part of future discussions and of the server. Scammers/Advertisers no trespassing. Automatic crypto charting bot and 5+ important channel relays. Looking forward to meeting new friends and talking about bitcoin/philosophy.
Cryptocurrency discussions - crypto, blockchain, bitcoin, ethereum and others.
Stock Picks gives advantage for all types of traders, whether long or short, from day traders to option traders
Dit is een minetopia server voor minecraft
Do you want to earn money fast and easy? Then you came to the right place! We pay you for inviting people to our server. You can earn money by inviting and clicking on ads! We are looking for members so we can grow. Join our server to help us grow. We are looking for staff to run the server!
Official USD Coin (USDC) Discord community. USDC is a fully collateralized fiat stablecoin developed by Centre ( and issued by Circle ( and Coinbase (
A melhor loja de Minecraft.
Official server of The first decentralized crowdfunding platform.
Commercium is purpose-built as a purely peer-to-peer electronic capital & commerce system harnessing a dual cryptography proof-of-work blockchain (dual-chain). Commercium is designed and engineered for trustless value transfer of specific financial instruments across capital markets, money markets and commerce markets.
Donationcoin- The cryptocurrency of charity and charitable giving.
ChainWorks Industries
The BSOD mining pool official Discord server
Venha receber recompensas na Blazin! Tudo que precisas é convidar seu amigos para que entrem.
Accounts/Gift cards Buy anything for a discount accepting ONLY BTC :) Own your own shop on our market for free :) Hope you join :)
Serveur communautaire de la marque Sail's Clothing.
WarriorZ , Türkçe dil destekli Online Zombi Oyunu. Oynaması tamamen ücretsiz!
**__Bonjour a tous,__ nous vous invitons à rejoindre le serveur __Discord Officiel de Z e B o O__: un petit youtubeur et joueur Manette raid par LeFouBruiteur alors s'il vous plait n'hésitez pas à le rejoindre avec ce lien: __Et vous franchisserait la porte :door: de ``Z e B o O``__ *__Sur ce serveur vous y trouverez : :one: :pushpin: || Un Staff hyper actif :white_check_mark:|| :two: :pushpin: ||Des salons utiles :white_check_mark:|| :three: :pushpin: ||Des personnes avec qui parler :white_check_mark:|| :four: :pushpin: ||Partenariats Ouverts :white_check_mark:|| :five: :pushpin: ||Des Parties Personnalisées :white_check_mark:||__* __Merci d'avance à tous ceux qui le feront.:wink: Cordialement,__**
BitConnectCoin the immutable decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain at the forefront of political cryptocurrency barriers all over the world. An autonomous blockchain, providing stability, scalability & reliability for the whole bitconnect development community.
Rupaya is a cryptocurrency targeted at the South Asia Community. Rupaya aims to be the most user-friendly and scalable payments-focused digital currency for our region. Whether you are curious about Rupaya or cryptocurrency in general our community is friendly and always eager to help. We run regular giveaways, raffles, and bounties for the community. Don't delay and join in on the excitement today!
Hello,here at Extreme Gaming Supply we have things you need for your gaming RP life!We have the following products that is of right now!We the following listed below as our product: Basic CAD/MDT Stark CAD/MDT Extreme CAD/MDT Custom Discord Server Discord Bot's Custom Logo's We have more product coming up such as making Five M police car,Youtube Banners,And much more!Have a great stay at Extreme Gaming Supply!Here at Extreme Gaming Supply we have friendly staff willing to help!
Forex Signale (Aktien, Börse, Zertifikate, Wirtschaft, Nachrichten) forex chatroom, chatrooms, chat, forex, FX, traders, trader, FX trader, chatrooms for forex traders.
Ceci est le serveur Discord de notre hebergeur
Efsane Holding resmi discord sunucusu. MTA 1.5.6 Nostalji Roleplay.
**The Main Discord Server of Cunty and his Shop! ** **__Shop Today!**
YUNITI SHOP 《 ALL IN ONE SLLER 》 We sell many online products such as: ♛ Entertainment accounts (Spotify, Netflix etc.) ♛ Food accounts (UK - KFC etc) ♛ Game accounts (Minecraft etc) ♛ Others (NordVPN etc)
Instagram growth
We offer an automation service for Amazon Dropshipping and invite everyone to come and join. We run stores up to 1,000,000 per month. What are you waiting for, join us today!
ZDL Team/Discord de Leaks cancer
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