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Private small server for those who wish to practice on weekly basis to help others and oneself to improve Japanese and English skills.
This server is intended for Minecraft players of the servers MixedCraft Games!
Hi Welcome To My Server
Only for scandinavian people!
Here u can talk about Mario 64 in different languages
Want to learn Japanese for free? Our discord server is designed like a Japanese school. We have Japanese instructors who can speak both Japanese and English at a high level. こんにちは。こちらのサーバーでは外人の方に日本語を英語で教えています。もちろん、英語勉強中の日本人も歓迎しています。言語交換用のチャットなど、日本人にも楽しめるような環境にデザインしていますので、英語を練習したい方には適していると思います。 Our school is split into 5 classes by level: - Beginner class - Intermediate 1 class - Intermediate 2 class - Advanced class - Master class Each class takes approximately 3 months to complete and you get to move up a level if you pass the course! Everything is for free of course. Our server is brought to you by Japanese School Amino which is our home platform for teaching Japanese. More information @ our discord server about section.
¡Invita a tus amigos!
J'aide les petits joueurs sur le Javascript ! en plus c'est tout écrit les étapes de base jusqu'avancer
Making a language
hello this is the chat room or the hacker room soo enjoyed while wanna chat or something have fun!
This is official channel of Korean Lab. a channel for studying Korean, language exchange between Korean/Non-Korean, making friends and learning other cultures.
Irish Language server. Have fun 'as Gaeilge' and connect with other people learning Irish. Bain sult as an bhfreastalaí seo. There is a space for English if you have questions.
is arbianbot is god
Dit is een Nederlands gta v rolleplay game. Game is nog in ontwikkeling. Wil jij er bij zijn in de beta server join dan nu gratis. Wel hebben we een paar regels... 1-respect voor iedereen 2-meld bugs Bugs die bekend zijn en dus niet moet gebruiken!!! Politie bureau garage als je daar in gaat kom je er ook heel moeilijk uit. Maak daar geen gebruik van en pak de politie auto buiten de garage. 3-overval je iemand en of vermoord je die genen mag je daarna 30 min niet gaan killen en of overvallen gebeurd dat wel word je geband. 4-Geen gta rijstijl . 5-Politie mag je niet overvallen.
Ezen a szerveren tanulhatsz másoktól akármilyen témába ha szeretnél valamit tanulni illetve segíthetsz másoknak tanulni. A szerver célja segíteni a másiknak ha esetleg valamit nem tud. További infókat a szerveren találsz!
This Discord is for reviving the Gothic language, spoken by the tribes which sacked Rome. This server is for people interested in the ancient Goths, subculture Goths interested in this language bearing their name, Gothic heathens and everyone else.
We're a brand new language learning server. You can hang out and talk in the language of your choice, learning about grammar from other users and practicing.
A historical focused discord mainly targeting Germany History Kaiser=Me Chancellor=whoever i think deserves it/Head admin UberMensch=Mods Prussian government official=Admin
Welcome to kagaguhan! Kagaguhan is a Filipino server dedicated to having good times with other Filipinos.
-------------------------Katsuo----------------------------- Hey! We are a community server which has: ~Friendly staff ~Great members ~Events ~music bots ~bot currency ~Partnership system ~lots of chats ~server in English and Portuguese, you decide!!! Everything we need now is new active members! Join now and help us make it complete!!! Somos uma comunidade que tem as seguintes características: ~Moderadores ativos ~Membros amigáveis ~Eventos ~Bots de Música ~Sistema de parceria ~Bots variados ~Vários canais de chat ~server em inglês e português, você escolhe!!!
USPN Gaming is een nederlandstalige Discord community.  Ons doel is om een zo gezellig mogelijke community aan te bieden waarin iedereen welkom is.  Wat we aanbieden: - Actieve leden! - selfroles! - Polls! - Gevarieerde gesprekken door een groot aanbod aan verschillende channels! - Gaming channels - Server games - selfrole channel -komt terug op youtube als de server 250 members haalt! Kom er gezellig bij en wordt nu lid van USPN Gaming! Doneren kan ook! (alleen als je het wilt en je er geld voor overhebt) je krijgt dan ook een donator rank Invite USPN Gaming:
O JumpManClub Brasil é um grupo independente de tradução de games, focando em games da Big N, nossa querida Nintendo! Nosso objetivo é trazer para o português do Brasil, games que originalmente não foram portados para o nosso idioma, sem nenhuma finalidade lucrativa, de fã pra fã, e distribuindo o nosso trabalho gratuitamente através da internet!
Public Discord for our Youtube channel. We read and riff bad writing, movies, and other media. You're welcome even if you don't watch, as long as you follow the rules.
You want to learn or improve your French? or you want to help others? or you need help with your french homework? Then this server is made for you!
Der moderne Spanking-Chat für den deutschsprachigen Raum. Als Community sind wir darauf ausgerichtet Freundinnen und Freunde des Spanking untereinander zu vernetzen.
Welcome to A Cup of Thought! We're a chill, social hangout server with a focus on language learning! If you're a lover of linguistics, or if you're just looking for a chill place to make new friends, this is the place for you. Come join us! We have coffee and butter cookies :D
In this server you can contribute to the development of a diverse community of language lovers, making valuable friendships while growing your cultural knowledge. Not only do we have scheduled lessons with volunteers teaching their native language, but we also have clubs where we debate, share art, listen to music, play video games, watch foreign movies and host multi-cultural events. Thanks to The Language Sloth, learning a language becomes less of a tedious individual task, but a community experience from anywhere in the world.
Server dla skurwieli i zwyroli, z dedykacją dla króla PalTalk Soli_USA w 2008 który był tam Naczelnym skurwysynem, dobry stary dziad do tego dążymy. Jak wkurwiają cię inne politycznie prawidłowe servery i lewickie nastawienie discorda i ciecie malinowe to dobrze trafiłeś. Tutaj nie ma czegoś takiego, dostanie bana za cokolwiek graniczy z cudem.
The LearnNa'vi Community revolves around the conlang Na'vi from James Cameron's AVATAR. This server is designed for easy communication between members, students and teachers. Join and learn Na'vi!
Server for people from Lithuania or related to this beautiful country! Come and join us! Talk about anything, find friends to play games!
A small community for chatting and making friends, we also accept emote requests!
Have fun and hangout no actual studying xD
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