The server has undergone many improvements in the last few weeks, here's a quick list of new things to check out and explore:

We posted our new community rules. Please read them!

Ever wondered what certain roles and channels mean or what they're to be used for? Check out the brand-new roles-guide and channel-guide.

As previously mentioned, the roles channel has been revamped. Along with booster-roles for all the server boosters. Choose from the new ping roles to keep up with our server events. Along with a few other new roles to help with finding hypnosis partners.

Now that the new ping roles have been announced to everyone, we will use the @Ping: Server Announcements for any future posts in this channel.

Here's the new channels we've added for discussions:

bdsm fitness pet-pics seeking-rp events-chatter

Here's the new voice rooms that have been added:

Safe for Work Trance Room Gaming -- Squad Sex VCs have also made a comeback.

Some channels have been renamed to better indicate their purpose:

no-trance-room bondage content-creation-questions trance-theory food-porn gaming tech-chat public-trance rp-room pet-play-room rl-porn user-creations

Next up, we've added a new maid to the team, @GlitchyDuelist{Weady}!!! Congratulations and welcome to the mod team!

Speaking of maids, we've added a staff ping @Maid Service, if you see some sort of issue that needs to be resolved quickly, this role can be used to ping all the maids at once!

Finally, thank you for all of the support the past 6 months, this community would not be the same without all your little contributions here and there. We hope that all our members continue to create the same welcoming and fun hypnosis community.