Anyone interested in any of the top or alt cryptos are welcome to join and participate in all our chats, whether you're a long time holder or you're looking to start. This is not a private group so you're welcome to invite anyone who may benefit.

This is not a pump group, and we will not organise any pumping events. Please do not link to any pump-and-dump groups in general chat.

We pride ourselves on speaking the truth and basing our information on facts. All opinions are welcome and we love to hear your insight, but FUD or HYPErs will not be tolerated.

Our community is in this together and we will help and guide those who seek comfort and information.

Our Promise This server aims to be community-driven, open and honest. We will strive to keep a balance between opinions and peace, and will always give our members the benefit of the doubt.

Server Moderation Unlike most Discord servers, we rely on active community members to moderate our channels. These users need to have an established reputation with the rest of the members as someone who matches the goals and fundamentals of the community.