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Not sure where to invest your hard earned money due to low bank interest rates or have fear of losing on unpredictable stock markets of today? Now, I have the perfect solution for you - you can put some savings aside which will be used to gamble profitably through my suggestions here and I guarantee that in the long run you will earn a very decent sum with our 30+ % Return of Investment and High 70+ % Win rate success! Join us here for Esports and Sports winners - a Community to have fun with together and Learn from one another - Free Competitions for Cash Prizes and Winnings and MORE - Everyone welcome!
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Welcome to our free-to-use tether-altcoin pumping server! We use tether to buy coins on a market all at once, so when the price spikes up, we sell a coin for a higher price and take the profit
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Welcome to OptionsZone, a Discord built for all things investing. Your place for options trading and stocks. Just makin' money.
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This is a GTA V server with mods. Here, you can buy fast money drops, all unlocks, any level, etc. Very chill server. Have fun.
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Football, Stock Market, Trade, Community
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Investing | Financial
We are primarily an investing server for all types of investors and traders! Stocks, options, futures, commodities, day trading, etc. We also have other channels for things we love such as gaming, sports, fitness, and music.
Business | Financial
This is a stock trading and investing server looking to learn and grow together! Keep the negativity out. Let's get it!!!!!
Financial | Education
Daily Watchlist, Alerts ALL day, Live Scanners, Teaching and MORE! Stocks, Options, Crypto, and the BEST trading family.
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This is your all in one discord server. We focus on investing and trading, but we also have rooms for gaming, chill sports music and much more. 📈───BEST Investing & Trading Community: JOIN TODAY!───📈 - Skilled and experienced traders / staff - Learn how to invest and trade options - Get upcoming alerts about the best stocks atm - Obtain your financial freedom - Gaming - Sports - Music - Meet new people - And much more Our Staff is driven to fulfill the needs of all of our users as they partake in their journey for learning about all things stocks, achieving financial freedom, and becoming successful. We want to deliver the tools, resources, and information for our members that may help them in becoming successful in the stock market, business, and life. Elite Trade Community's mission statement is, "To provide a professional platform for our community that is filled with useful tools, stellar support and service, and to help provide users with an abund
Financial | Gaming
We have a few services like promoting your code, discussing our next steps, and overall pushes.
Crypto | Investing
We have alert bots for stocks and have a wonderful community. Join us ask anything you want
Financial | Investing
A platform to share your knowledge, as well as discuss potential investments!
Investing | Financial
Everyone creates a reimbursement service, but why should you pay these people? Isn't it better to learn it completely free? Yes, you heard right, we are a community where everyone helps each other create 100% successful refunds! On top of that, our community is full of private stores and the easiest ways to make refunds on stores with high refund limits! Don't pay more fees, start being a professional refunder yourself and join our community today!
Investing | Crypto
About the Server Tired of paying for discord servers? Tired of all the meme stocks or pump & dumps? In need of some guidance during the red weeks? Or just want to be with like-minded investors that you could benefit from or share your knowledge with? We are a rapidly growing community of investors that discuss stocks and give suggestions for investments or trades for the benefit of all members. We share DD & research we do on long term investments as well as channels dedicated to day trade alerts and discussing day trades all 100% FREE. Whilst I am not and will never claim to be a financial advisor, we want to help each other achieve our goals, through the sharing of ideas and education.