> Over 3000 members! > 24/7 Active Voice channels, > Custom VC Leveling System > Custom Private VC Creation System > DAILY Giveaways
> Over 3000 members! > 24/7 Active Voice channels, > Custom VC Leveling System > Custom Private VC Creation System > DAILY Giveaways
> Over 3000 members! > 24/7 Active Voice channels, > Custom VC Leveling System > Custom Private VC Creation System > DAILY Giveaways
A school themed server. We offer you a very funny and friendly members. Join if you wanna talk with us!
Konichiwa, Welcome To Chillax, A Small Yet Fun Discord Community! We Provide NSFW For You cultured Weebs, Giveaways And Interactive Bots!
Welcome to the /r/Beermoney Discord! /r/beermoney is a community for people to discuss mostly online money-making opportunities. You shouldn't expect to make a living, but it's possible to make extra cash on the side for your habits/needs.
Greetings minecraft players this server is intended for all games have fun making friends and listen to music there is also memes for the sake of your laughter custom roles and more currency
This Discord is home of the taiga Discord Bot which lets users collect virtual trading cards, earn Taigacoins and soon even develop custom Plugins!
Dank Memer Server, Giveaways for Dank Memer. Bot fun, pokecord and others bot
🔥This is the Official CipBot Server🔥
a safe spot for memes, and to have fun. the server is relaxed and we have no trouble makers for you to worry about. If we get more people we will do more events such as Movie nights and so on.
Hello and welcome to The Space Station, thank you very much for Taking a look. This station is full of rad things to do with all kinds of different people. In this server YOU get to pick what kind of people you would like to talk with: ~Role Play, Gaming, Smut/Lewd content~ ~In this server we will try our absolute best to keep cool events happening weekly ! ~Join this server knowing that what the members think matters. Also, when you join make sure to read through the guide so we can accurately place you with the kind of people you wish to mingle with !! ~There are many unique leveling systems in the space station, Some that include the ability to use the Station Currency to buy things such as twitch shout outs and all kinds of social media S/O's. Intrigued and want to learn more? Become a member of the Space Station today and find out =)
Swans Pond is a art and gaming server for Discord. We have many events, giveaways, and a constant art topic of the day. We have custom pixel art emotes that are hilarious! It’s a great place to chat about pretty much anything. We have wonderful bots such as Avalre (for autorole features https://avairebot.com/), Whiskers (for moderation. This bot was made by my good friend Uhtred#9007 https://discordbots.org/bot/528809041032511498) and Unbelieveaboat (for currency and shopping.)
High Traders - Crypto - Stocks - Forex - Gold
Welcome to Heaven of Bets, a new server made out of pure boredom! Come in if you want to have fun, call yourself a new home, and have fun! Rules are limited on the server, and you can do basically whatever you want. Enjoy your stay and have fun! (I’m just very bored)
This is Revveon Region! We are a new, but chill server catering to all the categories of servers out there. Gaming? Anime? We got it all! Click on this to view more about our server!
We are the biggest spell trading community in Team Fortress 2, our community which you can buy/sell tf2 items with spells. We also have a few other channels for chilling with our members,and we also have some nice emotes.
Anime with friends is a non-toxic community anime server. We are here to talk, meet and watch anime together ~
Midnight bunker is a server where anyone is welcomed. We are mainly just a server for chatting and making friends, we host weekly movie nights and other cool evens. Our server features custom bots, currency, roles, a shop and great aesthetics! Join today! ✔ Relaxed staff ✔ Hardly any rules ✔ Looking for staff ✔ Events ✔ A E S T H E T I C S ✔ Gambling
This server is for all Disney and Pixar lovers! Our server has many self assignable roles, events, a big age range, and fun conversation!
A server for a nice community and chat
Originally made in 2017, its intent is to connect various bot economies with other bots in order to facilitate growth between bots. Are you a bot developer? Join Discord's premier cross-bot currency exchange API now!
Centric is a dual cryptocurrency payment network. The first token, Centric Rise, steadily increases in price hourly, offering a reliable store of value and the second, Centric Cash is pegged to the first token and freely trades on major cryptocurrency exchanges.
Peechikeen is a small server dedicated to art, world building, characters and games. We have in-server currency, which can be used to purchase free art and designs like icons and sketch pages.
🚧Giveaways and Lottery 🚧 ⛽Earn your runescape3 gold⛽ 🌅TOURNAMENTS🌅
A smol server with an active community based around gaming, memes, and just being weird. The server region is US West so please keep that in mind when joining and not many is active. Some features of the server includes: -Gaming -Memes -supportive staff -Events -Music bot -Much More
A brand new sever for numismatics! Aka currency collectors! Come share your collection.